Poor little girl gets beaten by parents for no apparent reason (China)

Poor little girl gets beaten up severely for no apparent reason. In the video, it is quite clear that there is another boy (probably the brother of the girl) who is not beaten at all. Hence, many netizens say it is a serious case of gender discrimination, or 重男轻女. Gender discrimination is especially serious in China due to the One-Child Policy, which although has since been scrapped, but its after-effects remain.

Currently, the Shenzhen police has stepped in, hope something can be done to help the little girl.

By the way, in case someone is wondering who is taking the video, it is probably the landlord. Shenzhen is one of the most expensive cities in China to buy a house, probably the house is rented by the family.

Translation from https://www.thepaper.cn/newsDetail_forward_2766187:

@北京青年报 On December 23rd, today, a video of a suspected child abuse in Shenzhen has attracted attention. The video shows that during the October of this year, a girl was beaten repeatedly by her parents during homework and eating at home. In addition to slapping her hand, she grabbed her child’s hair and the child’s mother beat the child with a broom, a plastic chair and other items. When the father wearing the “Meituan” team take-away rider’s overalls appeared, the girl was beaten. This scene was filmed by the camera.
In response to this, at noon today, the “Meituan” company responded that the video explosion was very heart-wrenching. We conducted a quick investigation of the identity of the man in the video. After investigation, Liu was a Shenzhen rider. He joined the company on August 26, 2018 and left on December 6.
Liu’s behavior seriously violated the basic ethical norms that the “Meituan” group riders should have, breaking through the basic behavior of the society and violating the conscience. He is not a qualified rider, not a qualified father. Violence against minors must be curbed! At present, we have linked the police and provided all the information of Liu. At present, the Shenzhen police have intervened.
Next, in addition to actively cooperating with the police investigation and handling the involved personnel, the Meituan group’s take-out and Meituan group charity will take action for the injured girl, and actively contact the Women’s Federation and other support agencies to provide her with the help.
At 13 o’clock on the afternoon of the 23rd, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Shenzhen police that the relevant departments of Baoan District Police, Women’s Federation and other departments have been involved in the investigation. At 14:20, the reporter contacted the Baoan District Women’s Federation on the incident. According to the staff, the Women’s Federation is currently investigating the matter and will issue a statement on the incident.
(The original title is “Shenzhen Baoan District Women’s Federation and the police involved in the investigation of child abuse incidents”)

(“Meituan” is a food delivery company)


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