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Oven Power Trip

Bosch Oven Power Trip Apparently, it is quite common in Singapore (and other tropical countries like Malaysia, Indonesia) that the electric oven cause a power trip (or short circuit) due to the high humidity. Basically, the heating element tends to … Continue reading

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Philips Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

The keyword here is “stainless steel”, because if you look at many pressure cookers, the inner pot is made of aluminum alloy. The bad thing about aluminum is that it is linked to Alzheimer’s disease. For instance, this medical paper … Continue reading

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Where can I buy Staub cast iron cookware in Singapore

One of the search terms for my website is “Where can I buy Staub cast iron cookware in Singapore”. I did some research and it sounds incredible, but one of the cheapest option is actually to buy from Amazon and … Continue reading

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Free Cooking Recipes Newsletter

https://chewbaccascook.wordpress.com/subscribe/ Feel free to subscribe to this Free Cooking Recipe Newsletter. Hundreds of Home Cooking Recipes!

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