Oven Power Trip

Bosch Oven Power Trip

Apparently, it is quite common in Singapore (and other tropical countries like Malaysia, Indonesia) that the electric oven cause a power trip (or short circuit) due to the high humidity. Basically, the heating element tends to attract moisture, and if the moisture accumulates too much it will cause a power trip. Since the humidity in the tropics is very high, the chances of this happening is also quite high.

There are two kinds of oven power trips:

  1. Oven power trips after a certain time (e.g. 5 minutes) from turning it on
  2. Oven causes power trip immediately upon switching on power

Clearly, Case 2 is more serious than Case 1. There is a simple solution for Case 1 Oven Power Trips that you may try: first switch on the oven to low temperature (50 degrees Celsius) to dry out the moisture. Only after reaching that temperature, then slowly turn up the temperature. This may solve your problem to stop the oven power trips.

For Case 2 Oven Power Trips, it is more serious, most likely you will need to call a professional to replace the heating element. For my case, I called the Bosch service repair on Friday, and they were able to come on Monday to repair the oven. It took less than half an hour, and it was free since my oven was still within the two year warranty period.

How to Prevent Future Oven Power Trips

To prevent future power trips or short circuits from occurring in the future, the ideal case is to use the oven more frequently (in all modes!). By “in all modes” I mean that you should use all of the modes, including the upper heater, lower heating element, and/or fans. This was emphasized by the Bosch repair man. (Previously I was only using one single mode, the “fan” mode.)

At the very least, one should still use the oven at least once a month (even if it is empty inside), to dry out the moisture, for a period of 10 to 30 minutes (recommended by many online sources as well as the Bosch repair man).


Bosch HBL5451UC 500 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven – Convection


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