What are the Most Scoring Topics of Mathematics in JEE Main?

With a few days left for the JEE Main Exam 2019, the stress of the candidates is at its peak. One of the cohesive and most scoring subject out of the three subjects in JEE Main is Mathematics. To prepare well for this section, you need to know the most scoring and important chapters of the subject to score good marks.


The subject which is based on calculations and formula and has the vast syllabus need lots of practice and smart strategies to score good marks. Having 16 chapters in the syllabus and everything is dependent on each other, the JEE Main Mathematics can be mastered yourself only by more practice. So, here we are discussing some of the important chapters of the subject Mathematics that you need to have at your fingertips to crack JEE Main 2019.


How to Score More Marks in JEE Main Mathematics?


After completing with your JEE Main syllabus 2019, you need to focus on the scoring topics in every section which demands little extra effort and time. Your revision days must include the clear idea of important and most scoring topics in JEE Main Mathematics subject. We have listed the scoring topics in Mathematics below for you:


The complete syllabus of Mathematics is divided into 4 sections which are:

  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Coordinate Geometry


Now, before moving ahead with the important chapters, let’s study the complete syllabus of the maths. We believe that the subject Mathematics takes lesser time as compared to other subjects of JEE Main Physics and Chemistry. You can easily cover the major portion of the subject during the preparation of your boards. Check out the complete syllabus for the JEE Main 2019 for Maths Section:


Topics Units of Topics
Algebra Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

Matrix and Determinants

Permutations and Combinations

Mathematical Reasoning and Induction

Binomial Theorem

Sequences and Series

Statistics and Probability

Calculus Sets, Relations and Functions

Limit, Continuity and Differentiability

Applications of Derivations

Integral Calculus

Differential Equations

Coordinate Geometry Straight Lines

Circles and Conic Sections

Three-Dimensional Geometry

Vector Algebra

Trigonometry Trigonometric Identities and Equations

After the complete syllabus, we are providing here the important chapters which you need to put more focus on. The important topics which we have mentioned are based on the analysis of previous year question papers. The topics which we have started with are based on the weightage in the JEE Main Examination.


JEE Main Mathematics Topics

High Weightage Topics Low Weightage Topics
1.               3-Dimensional Geometry

2.               Vectors

3.               Straight Line, Circle

4.               Probability Distribution

5.               Determinant and Matrices

6.               Limits, Continuity and Differentiability

7.               Complex Numbers

8.               Quadratic Equation

9.               Binomial Theorem

10.   Conic Sections

1.               Trigonometric Equations

2.               Statistics

3.               Mathematical Logic

4.               Set and Relation

5.               Height and Distance

6.               Properties of Triangle

7.               Permutations and Combinations

8.               Indefinite Integral

9.               Trigonometric Ratio and Functions

Now, it’s the right time to peep into the scoring topics by checking out the number of questions asked from these topics in last years and the maximum marks these topics cover. Here is the tabulated form of the scoring topics of Mathematics in JEE Main 2019.


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Topics Number of Questions Maximum Marks
Differential Calculus 7 28
Integral Calculus 4 16
Coordinate Geometry 3 12
Coordinate Geometry (3-D) 2 8
Matrix and Determinants 2 8
Probability 2 8
Trigonometry 2 8

Some Points to Remember for Mathematics in JEE Main 2019


  • Topics like Matrix and Determinants, Application of Derivations, Complex Numbers are simple and on the same hand scoring topics.
  • We recommend you focus on topics like Vectors and 3D, rather than Probability or Definite and Indefinite Integration. The reason being there is the marginal score for the examiner in these topics in the context of the questions.
  • Devote your time to Algebra as this chapter is scoring and easy on the same hand.
  • Pure Trigonometry questions are rarely asked in the JEE Main. This topic involves many formulas, once you mastered that you can score well.
  • The Circles chapter is the easiest chapter under the category of Analytical Geometry. If you have a good understanding of the concepts, you will be able to score well in this topic. As this chapter has no formula to mug up, only concept to clear, take no chance to skip this topic.
  • The chapter of Differential Calculus involves only one formula, so it is easy to master this topic with the sheer amount of practice.
  • If you ready to play brain game, go for the chapter Integral Calculus. Under this only one topic Definite Integrals has the minimal set of formulas, once mastered you can score excellently.
  • The chapter Vectors is the extension of the chapter Coordinate Geometry and so is easy and most scoring of all the topics. Chapters on Planes is easy and quick to solve.


Spend your time considerably in the reading theory of all the chapters and then move ahead with the practice. If you cover all the scoring topics which we have provided, we are sure you can score good marks in Mathematics in JEE Main 2019. Keep these points in your mind and start with your revision confidently.


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