Cheap Digital Piano Singapore

Do you know that there is a decent digital piano selling for just $599 on Qoo10?

Qoo10 Link here (with other piano recommendations):

It is the Casio CDP-135 Digital Piano, with 88 Weighted Keys. It is an excellent choice for parents with children who are starting on piano. The child may show some initial interest in learning piano, but who knows, children may just give up after a few weeks. Buying a upright piano will cost at least S$3000, and if the child gives up it ends up as a “white elephant” collecting dust.

$599 is certainly affordable for most Singaporeans, and it will serve as a first piano for young children. If they have a sustained interest, after a few years an upgraded piano can be bought. An additional benefit is that digital pianos never go out of tune. With Singapore’s humid weather and young children hitting the keys, actual pianos may go out of tune frequently.

Video of the Casio CDP-130, which is an older version of Casio CDP-135. (That means the CDP-135 is even better than what is shown in the video below.) The pianist plays Fantaisie-Impromptu, which is a difficult classical piece (above Grade 8 level). Hence, playing grade 1-5 classical pieces is no problem on the Casio CDP-135.

If you are willing to fork out a little bit more cash, the Yamaha P-125 is a good catch (around $950). (Also found on my Qoo10 piano recommendations page.)

Basically, the Yamaha P-125 is the top tier of the P range, P for portable. For Yamaha, the ranking goes like this P<YDP<CLP (Clavinova). For beginners, P-125 will be more than enough. YDP is for intermediate players, and Clavinova is for musicians and for actual performance.

Finally, if your budget is around S$1800, the best digital piano is probably Korg G1 Air.

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