Biggest Sheng Siong Outlet

Sheng Siong is a popular supermarket chain in Singapore. Many people like Sheng Siong because of its unique advantages of cheap price and wide variety of goods including exotic meat/vegetables not found in other supermarkets. Its pork section is exceptionally good and cheap compared to other supermarkets. This is apt as Sheng Siong’s CEO was formerly specializing in selling pork.

Sheng Siong outlets come in different sizes, from very big to very small. One of the biggest and largest Sheng Siong Outlet was the one at The Verge, also known as Tekka Mall, in Little India. Unfortunately, it has closed.

The biggest Sheng Siong seems to be now the one at Tampines Central, occupying 2 storeys.

Big Sheng Siong West Side

How about in the West region, which is the biggest Sheng Siong? Please leave your comments below if you know.

According to Google Review,

544 Jurong West Street is “Not too bad but it’s kinda narrow and not much space to move around. Quite a number of variety considering it’s a much smaller store compared to the one at Teban Garden or West Coast”

Hence, we know that Teban Garden or West Coast Sheng Siong is bigger than 544 Jurong West Sheng Siong. I have been to Teban Garden Sheng Siong, it is not that big actually. Hence, probably the biggest Sheng Siong in the west is West Coast Sheng Siong?

Important Update (2019): A very highly rated big Sheng Siong is the one in Clementi West, rated 4.2 on Google Reviews by over 1000 reviewers. For people living in West Singapore, this is probably the big and huge Sheng Siong that you are looking for. It is supposedly full of live seafood: “live seafood? This supermarket has it all!! GongGong, white clam, Mussels, crab, prawns, fishes and more!!!” (quote taken from Google Reviews)

Address: Blk 720, Clementi West Street, 2 #01-144, Singapore, 120720
Hours: Open 24 hours

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