$259 Laptop with 8GB RAM and 240 GB SSD

This is probably the cheapest laptop around with such stats. 8GB RAM and 240 GB SSD is definitely enough for any kind of school project, and in fact should be enough for casual computer games too.

An excellent choice for students/adults looking for a budget computer that is not too slow. (Do not get those with 2GB RAM, no matter how cheap they are. You will regret when you discover that they take 20 min just to start up and 10 min just to open internet explorer.)

Refurbished means it is not brand new, but on the good side it means it has been repaired and checked for any errors.

[S$259.00](▼57%)[Lenovo]Lenovo Thinkpad X240 / X250 UPGRADED 8GB RAM 240GB SSD ( Refurbished )



Author: mathtuition88

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