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Excellent video on Bishop/Vienna Opening

Bishop’s opening is an excellent opening for White, that is not very well known. It has some dangerous traps like the video below.

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My most exciting Bishop’s Opening ever

Game URL: https://lichess.org/pKHiu5ey/white#1 I did make a few serious blunders, hence it is not my best game. But it is certainly quite exciting. My heart pounded furiously as I played 22. f6! sacrificing my queen… If my opponent takes the … Continue reading

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Benko Gambit Review with Book Recommendations

I used to play 1. d4 as White, and had a terrible record against the Benko Gambit (something like 20% win, 80% loss). It improved slightly to 30% win after I switched to the Qc2 line. I have since switched … Continue reading

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Michael De La De Maza Chess Book

Chess Books for Adults This book is quite famous, or some may say “infamous”, in the circle of Chess books. The author is an adult player who managed to gain roughly 400 rating points in 400 days. To be precise, … Continue reading

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Checkmate Black King on 1st rank (Sicilian Defense, O’Kelly Variation)

Game: https://lichess.org/aX4hTelY I try to play Sicilian in the “Delayed Alapin” style with c3 followed by d4. The black player, though lower rated, is quite an experienced player with over 11,000 rapid games played on Lichess. The turning point was … Continue reading

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Lichess 2000 rating

Finally reached Lichess rating of 2000! (Rapid rating) That had been my goal for some time but I only managed to achieve it after 1000 games or so. (See my Lichess profile.) I have no coach so I mostly learn … Continue reading

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Lichess to FIDE Elo Rating Conversion

Lichess is a free Chess Server – one of the best out there in fact. It comes with free engine (Stockfish) analysis, and many other nice features. It is well known that Lichess ratings are inflated compared to FIDE / … Continue reading

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I’m a Rare Breed: An Elite Chess Player Who’s Open About His Faith

A nice interview by Wesley So, one of the top chess grandmasters from Philippines. On the small planet where elite chess players dwell, very few people worship Jesus Christ. If anyone discovers that you’re one of those “superstitious,” “narrow-minded idiots,” … Continue reading

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How to win Sir Roger Penrose’s Chess puzzle (that computers can’t solve)

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/03/14/can-solve-chess-problem-holds-key-human-consciousness/ Despite chess computers being very highly rated and winning virtually all human grandmasters, there are still certain positions that the computers can’t solve. Sir Roger Penrose has documented one of them here: Chess engines will state that black is … Continue reading

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Math Tricks found in Chess

Just read this very nice article on Quora, on the relationship between Math and Chess: https://www.quora.com/What-math-tricks-are-hidden-in-chess Also interesting is this YouTube documentary “My Brilliant Brain” featuring Susan Polgar. Author: Tom Boshoff, Engineering student and math enthusiast Updated May 8 There’s lots … Continue reading

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Singapore Education News

PSLE tweaks will come but as part of broader changes to education system: Heng Straits Times SINGAPORE – Changes being made to the Primary School Leaving … be done in the light of the broader changes to Singapore’s education system, … … Continue reading

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