Seahorse Pillow Review

SeaHorse pillow is my favorite brand of pillow. I have tried many types ranging from “top-end” brands like Tempur, to standard popular brands like King Koil. Basically it is worth buying a quality pillow to have a good night’s sleep.

SeaHorse is a Hong Kong brand, and it has several advantages:

  • Designed for Asian body in terms of firmness and thickness. Westerners have broad shoulders so they need a very thick pillow. If you buy Western pillow brands like King Koil, often they are too thick, your neck will be at an awkward angle.
  • Also, westerners like to sleep on very soft beds, while Chinese like to sleep on firmer beds due to an ancient belief in Chinese medicine (the best is allegedly to sleep on a hard wooden bed). Hence, western brand pillows are designed to sink into the soft bed. If your bed is Asian bed (i.e. more firm), it won’t sink in and you will be left with a very tall pillow.
  • Quite affordable in terms of price. If you want the best pillow, it is probably Tempur as they have “space-like astronaut material”. However it is very expensive, and also it may become hot under the Singapore weather due to the “space material”.

This is the standard Sea Horse pillow that is good enough for everyday usage (from Official SeaHorse Qoo10 site):

[S$18.00](▼64%)[Sea Horse]SeaHorse SIL Comfortable Foam Pillow(100-100) Free Delivery!


They also have a memory foam version, which is better contoured to your head.

[S$54.00](▼59%)[Sea Horse]Sea Horse Memory Foam Pillow(100-100) Free Delivery!


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