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Star Wars Fan Film: Vader (Superb Storyline)

This is just posted 6 days ago. It is much much better than Disney’s The Last Jedi. Do watch it if you are a true Star Wars Fan. Advertisements

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Star Wars “Math” Song

The following is a very original and interesting “song” using a pencil to mark out the rhythm of the famous “Cantina Theme” in Star Wars. Very creative indeed! Technically, the equation is mathematically valid too, provided A is viewed as … Continue reading

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

I find the plot quite disappointing. While the CGI graphics are good, and the acting is decent, the storyline is what I find lacking. Ever since George Lucas sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney, I find that the essence … Continue reading

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Star Wars Math Song

I like the first one about Physics, and the last one about Math! Curiously, they used Darth Maul’s Theme for Physics, and Darth Vader’s Theme for Math. 🙂

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Star Wars Math

With the Star Wars Episode 7 coming up, all Star Wars fans are really excited. The trailer alone has reached 50 million views, barely a month after it was released. Wait, can Star Wars be related to Math? Yes it … Continue reading

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