Star Wars Fan Film: Vader (Superb Storyline)

This is just posted 6 days ago. It is much much better than Disney’s The Last Jedi. Do watch it if you are a true Star Wars Fan.

Star Wars “Math” Song

The following is a very original and interesting “song” using a pencil to mark out the rhythm of the famous “Cantina Theme” in Star Wars. Very creative indeed!

Technically, the equation is mathematically valid too, provided A is viewed as a function of x (and f, v). Or is the v a square root? Who knows?

Viewers need to have heard the original Cantina Theme to appreciate the pencil scribbling:

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

I find the plot quite disappointing. While the CGI graphics are good, and the acting is decent, the storyline is what I find lacking. Ever since George Lucas sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney, I find that the essence of Star Wars has changed.

Not just The Last Jedi, the previous Force Awakens plot was formulaic. There seems to be a fixed pattern to it:

  1. Some pilots must try to sneak in to disable/destroy the large enemy ship, be it the Death Star or the “Dreadnaught”.
  2. Go to a new planet with some fancy new animals/lifeforms
  3. The battle between the Sith and the Jedi. (This was lacking in the Last Jedi though. There were close to zero lightsaber battles.)

There are some loopholes that don’t fit the style of the previous Star Wars movies. Rey defeating Kylo Ren without any prior training, and Luke Skywalker doing some kind of “Astral Projection”. As a fan who have watched all prior Star Wars movies, the style and plot of the new movies (post-Disney) are strikingly different in a bad way. In fact, it is so bad that I don’t think I will watch any Star Wars movies in movie theatres anymore.

Star Wars Math

With the Star Wars Episode 7 coming up, all Star Wars fans are really excited. The trailer alone has reached 50 million views, barely a month after it was released.

math of star warsWait, can Star Wars be related to Math? Yes it can! Check out The Math of Star Wars which describes a Math related question related to Star Wars! As a Math Tutor, I try my best to relate anything and everything to Math! 😛

Christmas is ending soon, and hope everyone had a nice day, and happy new Year!

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