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Star Wars Math

With the Star Wars Episode 7 coming up, all Star Wars fans are really excited. The trailer alone has reached 50 million views, barely a month after it was released. Wait, can Star Wars be related to Math? Yes it … Continue reading

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Recommended IB Math Books

The IB programme is gaining popularity throughout the world. In Singapore, some schools offer the IB Programme instead of the A Levels, most notably being ACS (International). The IB Mathematics definitely has some interesting topics, including Number Theory, Graph Theory, … Continue reading

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How to join 9 Dots using 4 Lines? (Advanced Version)

This is a humorous math comic based on the popular brainteaser: How do we join 9 dots using 4 lines? (Hint: Think out of the box. See the solution here: Answer) However, Spiked Math has added a new twist to the … Continue reading

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