Star Wars Math

With the Star Wars Episode 7 coming up, all Star Wars fans are really excited. The trailer alone has reached 50 million views, barely a month after it was released.

math of star warsWait, can Star Wars be related to Math? Yes it can! Check out The Math of Star Wars which describes a Math related question related to Star Wars! As a Math Tutor, I try my best to relate anything and everything to Math! 😛

Christmas is ending soon, and hope everyone had a nice day, and happy new Year!

Featured Book:

Star Wars Workbook: 1st Grade Math

Does your child love Star Wars but hate math? Well, this might just work! A highly rated Workbook based on Star Wars.



Recommended IB Math Books

The IB programme is gaining popularity throughout the world. In Singapore, some schools offer the IB Programme instead of the A Levels, most notably being ACS (International).

The IB Mathematics definitely has some interesting topics, including Number Theory, Graph Theory, and even Group Theory. These interesting topics are usually not learnt in JC.

Here are some Recommended IB Math Books from

Most popular IB Math Books


IB Mathematics Standard Level (Oxford IB Diploma Programme)


Barron’s IB Math SL


IB Mathematics Higher Level Course Book: Oxford IB Diploma Program (International Baccalaureate)


Workbook – IB Diploma Math SL part 1: This is a math workbook for students doing their IB diploma programme in math SL.


Barron’s IB Math Studies

How to join 9 Dots using 4 Lines? (Advanced Version)

This is a humorous math comic based on the popular brainteaser: How do we join 9 dots using 4 lines?

(Hint: Think out of the box. See the solution here: Answer)

However, Spiked Math has added a new twist to the riddle. Enjoy the comic!



Featured book:

Comic-Strip Math: Problem Solving: 80 Reproducible Cartoons With Dozens and Dozens of Story Problems That Motivate Students and Build Essential Math Skills

Math + Comics = Learning That’s Fun! Help students build essential math skills and meet math standards with 80 laugh-out-loud comic strips and companion mini-story problems. Each reproducible comic and problem set reinforces a key math skill: multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, measurement, geometry, and more. Great to use for small-group or independent class work and for homework! For use with Grades 3-6.