Interesting but Hard to Understand Math Comic

Check out this interesting comic riddle from! The sky is the limit when it comes to Math!

Do give it a try, before scrolling down to view the answer.

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Answer: sky

First, we use L’Hopital’s Rule since the initial limit is a 0/0 indeterminate form.

\displaystyle \lim_{x\to k} \frac{sx^2y\sin (k-x)}{k^2-kx}=\lim_{x\to k}\frac{2xsy\sin (k-x)-sx^2y\cos (k-x)}{-k} (We have also used the product rule and chain rule in this step)

Substituting x=k into the expression, we get \frac{-sk^2y}{-k} which is equivalent to sky.



How to join 9 Dots using 4 Lines? (Advanced Version)

This is a humorous math comic based on the popular brainteaser: How do we join 9 dots using 4 lines?

(Hint: Think out of the box. See the solution here: Answer)

However, Spiked Math has added a new twist to the riddle. Enjoy the comic!



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