Calendar 2021 Singapore

Printable Calendar 2021 Singapore

Free printable 2021 calendar Singapore available for download in the link below.


In the 2021 Monthly Calendar Singapore (printable) attached above, we see that Chinese New Year falls on 12 February, which is a Friday. Hence there is a long weekend stretching from 12 February (Friday) to 14 February (Sunday).

Another long weekend we can see in the Singapore calendar 2021 with public holidays, is the Good Friday long weekend starting on 2 April 2021 (Friday) to 4 April 2021 (Sunday).

The next long weekend is potentially the Labor Day long weekend, as can be seen in the above Singapore calendar 2021 with public holidays. Labor day (1 May 2021) falls on a Saturday, hence it is up to one’s employer to offer a day off-in-lieu.

The second last official long weekend should be the National Day public holiday, ranging from 7 August (Saturday) to 9 August (Monday).

Lastly, the last long weekend in 2021 according to the printable calendar is Christmas, ranging from 25 Dec 2021 (Saturday) to 26 Dec 2021 (Sunday), and potentially 27 Dec 2021 (Monday) if there is a off-in-lieu.

The above printable calendar is generated by Calendar Labs.

2019 Calendar (Singapore) Printable

Singapore Calendar 2019

Quite a nice calendar template that I frequently use. From Calendar Labs.

For those looking for a more awesome and colorful calendar, do check out this “Hubble Space 2019 Calendar”. Possibly one of the most impressive calendars you can buy on the internet.

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Good Friday Math

Is it possible for Good Friday to fall on the 13th?

From: Susan Melanson
Subject: Good Friday on the Thirteenth

How many times has Good Friday fallen on the 13th? I have looked at
your formulas and don’t seem to find one that fits this question,
since Good Friday doesn’t fall on the same date each year. I’ve looked
at some other sources as well, to no avail.

Thanks for your help on this,
Susan Melanson

Check out the above website for the answer! It turns out that Good Friday will fall on the 13th approximately once in 29 years.

Wishing all Christians a blessed Good Friday.

Also check out this Wikipedia page on how to calculate the date of Easter (

The calculation of the date of Easter is called Computus. It turns out calculating the date of Easter is quite complicated. Even the great Mathematician Gauss made a mistake (see

In 1800, the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss presented this algorithm for calculating the date of the Julian or Gregorian Easter[38][39] and made corrections to one of the steps in 1816.[40] In 1800 he incorrectly stated p = floor (k/3). In 1807 he replaced the condition (11M + 11) mod 30 < 19 with the simpler a > 10. In 1811 he limited his algorithm to the 18th and 19th centuries only, and stated that 26 April is always replaced with 19 April and 25 April by 18 April. In 1816 he thanked his student Peter Paul Tittel for pointing out that p was wrong in 1800.[41]