iPhone XR Price Reduction (Singapore)

Apple (US) has already started some form of price reduction for the iPhone XR, though only for trade-ins of iPhone 7 Plus. One can guess that their sales must be not as good as expected.

Though iPhone XR is indeed a good phone, the pricing of over S$1200 is absurd and unaffordable to the middle class. Note that the iPhone XR is supposed to be the cheapest model in the latest X-series. Even loyal fans of Apple are more likely to stick to older iPhone models like iPhone 7/8 than to upgrade. Other brands like Huawei and Samsung have much more affordable phones that are also decently good.

Basically, it is not sustainable for Apple to keep increasing the price significantly for every new model. Otherwise, the iPhone 20 will cost like S$3000? A corollary to Moore’s Law is that electronic devices are supposed to get better (but cheaper) as time passes. One of the first Apple Macintosh cost US$2495 in 1984, which is around US$5694 when adjusted for inflation.

When will iPhone XR start price reduction in Singapore?

This case will be good for protecting your iPhone XR if you get it after the price reduction:

Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Apple iPhone XR Case (2018) – Black


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