Tips and Tricks in Learning Math When You Know It’s Not Your Forte

Tips and Tricks in Learning Math When You Know It’s Not Your Forte

It’s a fact that not everyone is good at Math. It especially becomes a problem when you are about to take an important exam, such as an entrance exam for college or one of those daily quizzes your professor hurls at you during class. These are only some of the many reasons you should do your best in studying for your Math classes.

Here are tips and tricks in learning Math for you to get that sweet A+ on your report card:

  1. Study in a quiet place
    Math is a complex subject that needs absolute concentration. Avoid noisy places that can distract you or can hinder you from studying peacefully, although there are some ways in which you can study in a noisy environment where you cannot escape the noise. This subject needs your utmost concentration. An excellent study area is either your room or your school library, which lets you the focus in solving those tough equations.
  1. Check out online learning guides

Math has been around for a long time, and a lot of the topics in that subject has already been explored by experts before us. Luckily, we have the Internet now. You can scour the Internet for tips and tricks to learn new Math-related things. There are websites like that publish video guides to help you with your homework.

  1. Understand the processes
    Math is one of those subjects that you shouldn’t memorize. To excel in Math, you need to have a very firm understanding of mathematical concepts involved. It is recommended to understand everything, one topic at a time so you will a good grip on the subject.
  2. Study ahead
    In Math, it always pays off to read ahead of the scheduled lesson. Having a prior understanding of a certain topic can be an advantage to you. If you do advanced learning then in class you only need to clarify what you did not understand when you studied in advanced.
  3. Learn to use shortcuts
    Yes, you heard it. Math has shortcuts, too, and learning these shortcuts can help you a lot. There are a lot of simple things you can learn to speed up your calculations.


Here’s an example.
Add up large numbers in your head.
You are at a department store and you don’t have a calculator handy. You need to add up the cost of two items, for example, 384 + 297. Here’s a tip do this in your head quickly:

  • Round off the two numbers. You now have 380 instead of 384 and 297 becomes 300. If you add those up, the answer is 680.
  • Add up the numbers you set aside while you rounded off the two large numbers, +4 and -3. As a result, you have +1.
  • Sum this up with the 680 and you now have 681. You’re welcome!
  1. Enroll in peer-to-peer coaching
    Some schools initiate peer-to-peer coaching for specific subjects such as Trigonometry and Algebra. These programs allow students to review lessons, learn new things, and improve their understanding of a subject. This is beneficial to both sides as it is a form of a review for the mentor and a learning experience for the mentee.
  2. Have fun while learning!
    You have to have a mindset that Math is not a boring topic. If you have a computer, there are a lot of Math Games that you can find on the Internet. Playing Math games is a very productive way of learning while having fun. There are games made for both kids and adults.
  3. Practice, practice, and practice
    There is no quick way to learn something. Although some tips and tricks help make the journey easier. One good idea is to practice solving Math problems with a time limit. This way, your mind will be accustomed to the time pressure that you will feel during an exam. Always remember, nobody ever had it easy.Today, learning Math has never been easier for anyone with a classroom and a computer or even mobile device. You just have to start taking advantage of the avenues provided by the Internet today combined with the tricks mentioned prior. You can excel in Math with those tools, especially with the guidance of a good teacher.


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