Trust Bank Referral Code: GWT5WBUK (Free NTUC FairPrice Voucher!)

Trust NTUC Referral Code: GWT5WBUK

* Note: Use the Referral Code (GWT5WBUK) when signing up to earn a free S$10 FairPrice E-Voucher!

Trust Bank is a fully online digital bank in Singapore backed by Standard Chartered and FairPrice Group (also commonly known as NTUC). They offer various products such as credit and debit cards, savings accounts, as well as various discounts and promotion rewards such as earning Linkpoints to spend at NTUC FairPrice supermarkets.

How to Use Trust Bank Referral Code

It is very simple to use the Trust Bank referral code. Firstly, sign up at the official Trust Bank website and download the Trust App following the instructions.

When signing up, be sure to enter the referral code (GWT5WBUK) during the signup process. The referral code can be inputted right at the start of the signup process, after clicking “Get started” on the app.

Benefits of Trust Bank Referral Code

The benefit of using the Trust Bank referral code is earning a $10 NTUC FairPrice E-Voucher, which can be used at NTUC FairPrice supermarkets all over Singapore.

Hence, it is important to enter the referral code during the signup process in order to avoid missing out on the promotion benefit of the $10 NTUC voucher.

Trust Bank Review

One big advantage of Trust Bank is that it is fully digital. There is no need to step into a physical bank branch during the signup process, everything can be done from the comforts of the user’s home.

In addition, the credit card and debit card of Trust Bank has strong benefits when buying at NTUC FairPrice supermarkets. For example, there can be up to 21% savings when shopping at NTUC FairPrice supermarkets.

For Trust Bank’s savings account, the interest is decent at 2.5% p.a., though not fantastic considering many alternative banks can offer higher interest rates.

In conclusion, Trust Bank is a great digital bank to signup for customers of NTUC FairPrice supermarkets, due to the high discount rates offered. Even for non-NTUC customers, they can sign up for free just to get the referral code’s NTUC E-voucher rewards.

Trust Bank Invitation Code / Promo Code

Once again, if you decide to sign up for Trust Bank, do use the invitation code “GWT5WBUK” when prompted.

Disclaimer: The opinions on Trust Bank expressed in this blog post are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide information on Trust Bank Referral Code. In particular, this blog post is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified investment advisor.

The below YouTube video is an informative introduction and review of Trust Bank.

PolicyPal Referral Code: MATH88 (Free Fairprice Voucher!)

Sign up for PolicyPal with referral code MATH88 to get PolicyPal credits

Don’t have an account with PolicyPal yet? You’ll need one to start earning credits! Register with referral code MATH88 to receive $10 credits.

PolicyPal is a new insurance portal that has various insurance policies. One of the famous ones is “Gigantiq”, which gives an impressive 2% interest per annum.

Once you sign up with PolicyPal, using the referral code MATH88, you will receive P$10 PolicyPal credits. Then, just take part in a few simple activities (such as doing really simple quizzes, and do some of their “challenges” which is just clicking a single button). It took me just 5 minutes to earn another P$5 PolicyPal credits.

With P$15 PolicyPal credits, you can then redeem your free $10 FairPrice E-Voucher, as shown below. Throughout the entire process, there is no need to fork out a single cent of your own.

Do grab your free $10 FairPrice E-Voucher before the offer ends! Once again, the link to sign up for PolicyPal is

Free FairPrice E-Voucher obtained from PolicyPal!

$100 Voucher for iPhone 12 (Singtel Recontract Voucher)

Official Singtel $100 Recontract Voucher for iPhone 12 (and other phones): Singtel Recontract Voucher Website Link

With the iPhone 12 making its debut, no doubt thousands (or maybe even millions) of iPhone fans in Singapore will be queueing up to purchase the latest iPhone.

Do make a point to save $100, by using the Singtel Recontract Voucher worth $100, if you are eligible for it.

The old way of getting the Singtel Recontract Voucher is via calling 1688, or perhaps waiting for them to send the voucher to you. This old way may not work anymore! You may never ever get to speak to a human Singtel customer care officer if you call 1688.

The new way of getting the $100 Singtel Recontract Voucher is to use Referral Links such as this one, whereby the Singtel Recontract Voucher is applied automatically on the Official Singtel Website. It is very easy and convenient, and basically a free $100 discount off your iPhone, or whatever phone that you select that is eligible.

Hi, heard you were looking for a new mobile phone? Here’s a Singtel mobile offer just for you. Sign up using my exclusive link below to enjoy an extra $100 OFF on all phones when you switch to a new Singtel Combo plan. When you’ve switched, I’ll be rewarded too! Singtel terms and conditions apply.
Exclusive link: Singtel Recontract Voucher Official Website

Singtel Recontract Promotion

Singtel Recontract Phone Promotion

Not many people know this, but you can actually save $100 or more when recontracting your Singtel Combo Plan and changing a new phone.

The old method of doing so is calling 1688 and trying to reach a human Singtel customer service officer, or to wait for them to send you a letter with the voucher. It doesn’t work anymore! It is almost impossible to get a recontract promo via the old method. (Read more at: No More Recontract Voucher from Singtel? Best Phone to Recontract and Sell)

Read more below for the new method of getting a Singtel Recontract Promotion or Promo Code.

Singtel Recontract Online Promotion

The new method is done 100% online via the Singtel Official Referral Recontract Promotion. Basically, you need to click on a referral link such as the one below:

Hi, heard you were looking for a new mobile phone? Here’s a Singtel mobile offer just for you. Sign up using my exclusive link below to enjoy an extra $100 OFF on all phones when you switch to a new Singtel Combo plan. When you’ve switched, I’ll be rewarded too! Singtel terms and conditions apply.
Exclusive link:

Basically, once you click on the above link on the Official Singtel Website, the Singtel Recontract Promotion will be applied and you will get $100 off the phone you pick for recontracting your plan (Combo 2 and above).

Singtel Recontract Eligibility

As usual, the Singtel Recontract Eligibility rules apply. If you recontract before your contract expires, you may need to pay an early termination fee which is usually a couple of hundred dollars. To check your Singtel Recontract Eligibility date, either download the Singtel App or login to the official Singtel Website.

Singtel Recontract Voucher

As summarized above, the old methods of getting the Singtel Recontract Voucher do not work anymore. No matter what you do, just do not call 1688 and waste your time (we are trying to help you save time). 

In order to get the Singtel Recontract Voucher, Promotion, or Promo Code, you need to follow the new method which is the online referral voucher, using the link below.

Link: Singtel Official Website for $100 Recontract Promotion and Voucher

Singtel Recontract Hotline

We need to repeat this important fact: the Singtel Recontract Hotline is 1688, but it is very hard to reach a human Singtel customer service officer using 1688. We have wasted many hours navigating the automated robotic Singtel phone system in an attempt to reach a human customer service officer, and we wish to help our readers avoid this.

Hence, rather than trying to contact the Singtel Recontract Hotline, we strongly recommend readers to use the online Singtel Recontract System:

Link: Singtel Official Website for $100 Recontract Promotion and Voucher

Singtel Fibre Broadband Recontract Voucher

It is well-known that the Singtel Recontract Voucher for phones/internet fibre broadband is quite elusive and hard to get nowadays. Long gone are the days where you can dial 1688 and speak to a human Singtel operator to give you the $100 voucher for you to recontract. Nowadays, the modern method to get the Singtel Phone Discount Voucher is through the Singtel Referral Phone Recontract Voucher online.

This post is mainly about Singtel Fibre broadband Discount Recontract Voucher. It is more of an offer, it is a 1 month free subscription with a new sign up to 1Gbps with WiFi Mesh Broadband plan (worth around S$50). Based on monetary value, it is equivalent to a $50 voucher.

For the link, click here to enter the official Singtel Fibre Broadband Recontract/Signup Voucher site. Also, you may read the below paragraph which is the official Singtel referral text for Fibre broadband offer discount.

Hi, heard you were looking for a new Fibre broadband plan. Sign up using my exclusive link below to enjoy 1 month free subscription with a new sign up to 1Gbps with WiFi Mesh Broadband plan. For new sign ups only. When you’ve switched, I’ll be rewarded too! Singtel terms and conditions apply.
Exclusive link:

Grab Voucher (heavily discounted price)

URL: Buy $10 Grab Voucher from Shopee for just $8.60

If you are a regular user of Grab, there is a very easy way for you to have up to 14% discount on your Grab rides. The way is by purchasing Grab Vouchers for a lower price than its actual value.

For instance, you can purchase $10 Grab Voucher at a discounted price for just $8.60 on the popular online Shopee site.

To maximize your discounts further, you can use your credit card for purchase on Shopee to earn your credit card cashback on top of the lowered price of the Grab Voucher.

In the long run, this can save a great deal of money for those who take Grab taxi regularly.

For very heavy users, you can just purchase the maximum tier Grab Voucher (currently $20 Voucher) here. The discount rate is also 14%, same as the $10 voucher.


No More Recontract Voucher from Singtel? Best Phone to Recontract and Sell

It is an “open secret” last time that if you call the Singtel customer service hotline at 1688, they may give you a recontract voucher for you to get a new phone. In previous times it used to be as high as $100, then over the years it slowly reduced to $50. It seems that the voucher is gone now, for low usage customers (e.g. Combo 2 plan). That is, no more recontract voucher. That was my experience in September 2018. That being said, experiences may differ from user to user, you may still want to phone in to try your luck. The only reason I am still using Singtel is that the rest of my family is on the “Singtel Circle” plan.

Important Update: There is a new form of voucher, called the Singtel Referral Voucher, worth $100! Basically you switch to a new Combo Plan and get $100 off the phone.

Best Phone to Recontract and Sell Off

Traditionally, the best phone to recontract and sell has always been the latest iPhone. This is based on the strong demand for iPhone. For instance, as of now, the most popular seems to be iPhone XS, Gold color, 256 GB. Do take note of the color/storage size as unpopular combinations may fetch a lower price. At the time of writing, recontracting and selling an iPhone may earn as much as $300 or more (buy at $1338 and sell off at $1640).

How to get Singtel Voucher (2019 onwards Method)

Are you still looking for the elusive Singtel Discount Voucher to offset your phone purchase? Do not bother to call 1688 anymore, that is the old-school method that does not work nowadays (you can still try if you want, you will find it hard to even speak to a human Singtel operator).

The new method is to use the Singtel Referral Voucher which is worth $100. Click here to go directly to the official Singtel website where your $100 voucher will be applied automatically.