Singtel Recontract Promotion

Singtel Recontract Phone Promotion

Not many people know this, but you can actually save $100 or more when recontracting your Singtel Combo Plan and changing a new phone.

The old method of doing so is calling 1688 and trying to reach a human Singtel customer service officer, or to wait for them to send you a letter with the voucher. It doesn’t work anymore! It is almost impossible to get a recontract promo via the old method. (Read more at: No More Recontract Voucher from Singtel? Best Phone to Recontract and Sell)

Read more below for the new method of getting a Singtel Recontract Promotion or Promo Code.

Singtel Recontract Online Promotion

The new method is done 100% online via the Singtel Official Referral Recontract Promotion. Basically, you need to click on a referral link such as the one below:

Hi, heard you were looking for a new mobile phone? Here’s a Singtel mobile offer just for you. Sign up using my exclusive link below to enjoy an extra $100 OFF on all phones when you switch to a new Singtel Combo plan. When you’ve switched, I’ll be rewarded too! Singtel terms and conditions apply.
Exclusive link:

Basically, once you click on the above link on the Official Singtel Website, the Singtel Recontract Promotion will be applied and you will get $100 off the phone you pick for recontracting your plan (Combo 2 and above).

Singtel Recontract Eligibility

As usual, the Singtel Recontract Eligibility rules apply. If you recontract before your contract expires, you may need to pay an early termination fee which is usually a couple of hundred dollars. To check your Singtel Recontract Eligibility date, either download the Singtel App or login to the official Singtel Website.

Singtel Recontract Voucher

As summarized above, the old methods of getting the Singtel Recontract Voucher do not work anymore. No matter what you do, just do not call 1688 and waste your time (we are trying to help you save time). 

In order to get the Singtel Recontract Voucher, Promotion, or Promo Code, you need to follow the new method which is the online referral voucher, using the link below.

Link: Singtel Official Website for $100 Recontract Promotion and Voucher

Singtel Recontract Hotline

We need to repeat this important fact: the Singtel Recontract Hotline is 1688, but it is very hard to reach a human Singtel customer service officer using 1688. We have wasted many hours navigating the automated robotic Singtel phone system in an attempt to reach a human customer service officer, and we wish to help our readers avoid this.

Hence, rather than trying to contact the Singtel Recontract Hotline, we strongly recommend readers to use the online Singtel Recontract System:

Link: Singtel Official Website for $100 Recontract Promotion and Voucher


StarHub Rebate Registration Form

StarHub Rebate Link

In addition to the apology, StarHub will offer affected customers a one-time 20% rebate on their Home Broadband monthly fee, which is equivalent to six days of free home WiFi service. A dedicated website will be made available for affected customers to register for the rebate. Details will be announced to customers soon.

Note that the deadline is: 26 April 2020!

Sign up at:

Share this to your friends and relatives using StarHub! This rebate is typically worth around $10 (20% of $50 broadband subscription). The key thing is that only those who registered above will be given the rebate!

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StarHub Down

Is StarHub down?

The answer is yes! Please see the official news by Today: StarHub customers hit by major fibre service disruption.

It is also reported by Straits Times that, yes, StarHub is down.

StarHub Network Down (Solved)

I stumbled upon the solution to solve the issue of “Starhub Network Down”. Note: This applies if your Starhub Network is slowed down but not completely dead/inaccessible.

Solution: Google DNS

My StarHub internet slowed down to a crawl, it took almost forever to access a simple website like Gmail or Yahoo. Hence, it can be classified as “StarHub Almost Completely Down“.

Upon changing to Google DNS using this official Google guide, to my astonishment the internet sped up to be even faster than before the “StarHub Down” issue.

Speed test of StarHub internet speed (after changing to Google DNS) on the day that StarHub was supposedly down!

I am not exactly sure of the mechanism behind, but changing to Google DNS certainly solved the issue of “StarHub Internet Down” for me. I suspect that due to the StarHub network down issue, most of StarHub remaining working “servers” are overcrowded and overloaded. Hence, if you switch from the StarHub DNS to Google DNS, you are leaving the “crowded server” and that explains the faster speed.

For record, I used the following Google DNS (IPv6):

2001:4860:4860::8888 and  2001:4860:4860::8844.

For safety concerns, it is considered quite safe to trust Google DNS. (Read their details on Wikipedia.) Basically, if you are already using Google products like Gmail, Google search engine, you might as well use Google DNS.