StarHub Down

Is StarHub down?

The answer is yes! Please see the official news by Today: StarHub customers hit by major fibre service disruption.

It is also reported by Straits Times that, yes, StarHub is down.

StarHub Network Down (Solved)

I stumbled upon the solution to solve the issue of “Starhub Network Down”. Note: This applies if your Starhub Network is slowed down but not completely dead/inaccessible.

Solution: Google DNS

My StarHub internet slowed down to a crawl, it took almost forever to access a simple website like Gmail or Yahoo. Hence, it can be classified as “StarHub Almost Completely Down“.

Upon changing to Google DNS using this official Google guide, to my astonishment the internet sped up to be even faster than before the “StarHub Down” issue.

Speed test of StarHub internet speed (after changing to Google DNS) on the day that StarHub was supposedly down!

I am not exactly sure of the mechanism behind, but changing to Google DNS certainly solved the issue of “StarHub Internet Down” for me. I suspect that due to the StarHub network down issue, most of StarHub remaining working “servers” are overcrowded and overloaded. Hence, if you switch from the StarHub DNS to Google DNS, you are leaving the “crowded server” and that explains the faster speed.

For record, I used the following Google DNS (IPv6):

2001:4860:4860::8888 and  2001:4860:4860::8844.

For safety concerns, it is considered quite safe to trust Google DNS. (Read their details on Wikipedia.) Basically, if you are already using Google products like Gmail, Google search engine, you might as well use Google DNS.


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