Grab Voucher (heavily discounted price)

URL: Buy $10 Grab Voucher from Shopee for just $8.60

If you are a regular user of Grab, there is a very easy way for you to have up to 14% discount on your Grab rides. The way is by purchasing Grab Vouchers for a lower price than its actual value.

For instance, you can purchase $10 Grab Voucher at a discounted price for just $8.60 on the popular online Shopee site.

To maximize your discounts further, you can use your credit card for purchase on Shopee to earn your credit card cashback on top of the lowered price of the Grab Voucher.

In the long run, this can save a great deal of money for those who take Grab taxi regularly.

For very heavy users, you can just purchase the maximum tier Grab Voucher (currently $20 Voucher) here. The discount rate is also 14%, same as the $10 voucher.



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