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Grabfood $8 Promo Code

It seems Grabfood is aggressively fighting for market share, giving very generous $8 Promo Code currently: 8TASTY.

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Free Entry into Science Centre (In Conversation with … John Edmark)

Students interested in the fusion of math, science and art may be interested to attend this wonderful event. Note: Pre-registration is needed for your free entry into the Science centre.

URL: http://www.science.edu.sg/events/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?ID=1251@event?ID=1251

24 March 2018   10:30 – 12:00

Location: Maxwell Auditorium

The Tinkering Studio @ Science Centre Singapore cordially invites you to interact with John Edmark, inventor, designer and artist who teaches design at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. His most recent work is a series of animated sculptures called Blooms which endlessly unfolds and animates as it spins beneath a strobe light.

Come join us for this talk where John will share his work with logarithmic spiral structures, Fibonacci numbers, and the Golden Ratio (Ф), and how it all led to his inventing Blooms. His masterful illusions are the results of a marriage between art and mathematics.

RSVP: to Ms Jenny Leong by 18 March 2018.

Pre-registration is required for your complimentary entry into the Science Centre.

Singapore Math Free Resources for Homeschool

Singapore Math is a popular resource for homeschooling children in the United States and many countries. Due to its challenging questions and unique methodology, Singapore Math prepares children for real math at higher levels.

We have curated some of the best Singapore Math Free Resources on the net:

  1. https://thegoodgoatmomma.com/2014/10/17/free-singapore-math-curriculum-resources/
    Has a good list of free resources including Curriculum and Tutorials.
  2. https://singaporemathsource.com/resources/singapore-math-web-sites/
    Some free online content to supplement Singapore Math.
  3. https://www.freeeducationalresources.com/singaporemath/Singapore_Math.htm
    This is an excellent treasure trove of free Singapore Math Worksheets (PDF).
  4. https://www.onlinemathlearning.com/singapore-math.html
    Many questions with worked solutions with Singapore Math Model method.
  5. http://www.sgtestpaper.com/sgmath/
    Includes questions modeled from real Singapore schools’ questions.

Do also read our most popular Singapore Math page to find out what is Singapore Math and what are its benefits.

f integrable implies set where f is infinite is measure zero

Let (X,\mathcal{M},\mu) be a measure space. Let f:X\to [0,\infty] be a measurable function. Suppose that \int_X f d\mu<\infty.

(a) Show that the set \{x\in X:f(x)=\infty\}\subseteq X is of \mu-measure 0. (Intuitively, this is quite obvious, but we need to prove it rigorously.)

(b) Show that the set \{x\in X:f(x)\neq 0\}\subseteq X is \sigma-finite with respect to \mu. i.e. it is a countable union of measurable sets of finite \mu-measure.

We may use Markov’s inequality, which turns out to be very useful in this question.

Proof: (a) Let E_k=\{x\in X:f(x)\geq k\}, where k\in\mathbb{N}. Denote E_\infty=\{x\in X:f(x)=\infty\}.

E_K \downarrow E_\infty, and \mu (E_1)\leq\frac{1}{1}\int_X f d\mu<\infty. (Markov Inequality!)


\begin{aligned}\mu(E_\infty)&=\lim_{k\to\infty}\mu (E_k)\\    &\leq\lim_{k\to\infty}\frac{1}{k}\int f d\mu\ \ \ \text{(Markov Inequality)}\\    &=0    \end{aligned}

Therefore, \mu(E_\infty)=0.

(b) Let S_k=\{x\in X:f(x)\geq\frac{1}{k}\}, k\in\mathbb{N}.

\{x\in X:f(x)\neq 0\}=\cup_{k=1}^\infty S_k

Therefore, \mu(S_k)\leq k\int f d\mu<\infty, and we have expressed the set as a countable union of measurable sets of finite measure.

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