WordPress New Editor Review

WordPress has released a new editor called “Gutenberg”. While WordPress should definitely be applauded for its new innovation, personally I find it more convenient to just use the Classic editor instead. Perhaps it is just a matter of habit. Basically, I find the learning curve not justified for basic blog posts. I would need to see a truly impressive application of the “blocks” in order to switch over to the new editor.

WordPress New Editor Disable

If you search on Google, one of the most popular search terms is actually “wordpress new editor disable”! This shows that many people are actually trying to disable the new WordPress editor completely! Personally, what I do is I first create a new post (by default it is the new editor), save post, and then edit it using the Classic Editor.

Do vote in the poll above and it would be interesting to see the results!


WordPress Twenty Ten Theme Replacement

WordPress Twenty Ten Theme Retired

The WordPress Twenty Ten Theme was my favorite for a long time. However, it is now retired, meaning that it is no longer updated or supported by WordPress. Hence, it is recommended to switch to a newer theme.

WordPress Theme similar to Twenty Ten

I find that the Twenty Sixteen theme is quite similar to Twenty Ten in terms of layout. It has the signature top header as well as right sidebar classic layout. After much consideration and testing out other themes, I decided to switch to the Twenty Sixteen theme!

It does take some time to get used to the theme. The theme has a very clean and minimalistic look. In fact, the only downside I would say is that the 2016 WordPress theme is a bit too minimalistic, there is not enough colors other than white.

Updated LaTeX to WordPress Converter

WordPress is notorious for not accepting \begin{align} … \end{align} as it is not in math mode.

I have updated the LaTeX to WordPress Converter to change \begin{align} … \end{align} to $l atex\begin{aligned} … \end{aligned}$ which works in WordPress.

Test Input:

Let $h=\chi_{[0,1]}$, the characteristic function of $[0,1]$. We have $\|\chi_{[0,1]}\|_\infty=1$, so $\chi_{[0,1]}\in L^\infty$. Then,
(Hh)(x)&=\frac{1}{\pi}\int_0^1\frac{1}{x-t}\ dt\\
As $x\to 1$, $(Hh)(x)\to\infty$. Thus, $Hh$ is an unbounded function, so $H$ is not bounded as a map: $L^\infty\to L^\infty$.

Test Output:

Let h=\chi_{[0,1]}, the characteristic function of [0,1]. We have \|\chi_{[0,1]}\|_\infty=1, so \chi_{[0,1]}\in L^\infty. Then,
\begin{aligned}  (Hh)(x)&=\frac{1}{\pi}\int_0^1\frac{1}{x-t}\ dt\\  &=\frac{1}{\pi}[-\ln|x-t|]_0^1\\  &=\frac{1}{\pi}\ln\frac{|x|}{|x-1|}.  \end{aligned}
As x\to 1, (Hh)(x)\to\infty. Thus, Hh is an unbounded function, so H is not bounded as a map: L^\infty\to L^\infty.
\displaystyle \frac{a}{b}=c


Updated LaTex Javascript Converter

I have updated the LaTeX to WordPress Converter to change \[ \] to $l atex\displaystyle and $ respectively.

Note that \[ … \] is preferable over $$ … $$.

Test code:


If $(X,\Sigma,\mu)$ is a measure space, $f$ is a non-negative measurable extended real-valued function, and $\epsilon>0$, then \[\mu(\{x\in X: f(x)\geq\epsilon\})\leq\frac{1}{\epsilon}\int_X f\,d\mu.\]

Define \[s(x)=\begin{cases}
\epsilon, &\text{if}\ f(x)\geq\epsilon\\
0, &\text{if}\ f(x)<\epsilon.
Then $0\leq s(x)\leq f(x)$. Thus $\int_X f(x)\,d\mu\geq\int_X s(x)\,d\mu=\epsilon\mu(\{x\in X: f(x)\geq\epsilon\})$. Dividing both sides by $\epsilon>0$ gives the result.


If (X,\Sigma,\mu) is a measure space, f is a non-negative measurable extended real-valued function, and \epsilon>0, then \displaystyle \mu(\{x\in X: f(x)\geq\epsilon\})\leq\frac{1}{\epsilon}\int_X f\,d\mu.

Define \displaystyle s(x)=\begin{cases}  \epsilon, &\text{if}\ f(x)\geq\epsilon\\  0, &\text{if}\ f(x)<\epsilon.  \end{cases}
Then 0\leq s(x)\leq f(x). Thus \int_X f(x)\,d\mu\geq\int_X s(x)\,d\mu=\epsilon\mu(\{x\in X: f(x)\geq\epsilon\}). Dividing both sides by \epsilon>0 gives the result.

WordPress to Sina Weibo 微博 Automatic Posting

I recently discovered a way to post (automatically) from WordPress to Sina Weibo 微博(China’s version of twitter, which has more than half a billion users!)

The trick is to use IFTTT.com (If this then that).


1) Setup up publicize for WordPress to Twitter. (WordPress.com can do this automatically).

2) Go to IFTTT.com, and set up a recipe from Twitter to Weibo. (There is a premade template for that, takes less than 5 minutes to sign up)


There may be a way for WordPress –> Weibo direct posting, I am still researching on that. (Update: Yes, there is a recipe for direct WordPress –> Weibo too!) It depends on whether you want a short summary, in which case WordPress –> Twitter –> Weibo may suit you better. If you want a full text, then WordPress –> Weibo is great. Or, you can use both!

Hope it is helpful!



《无微不至:微博营销实战指南》内容简介:企业如何利用微博进行营销?如何了解消费者的购买心理?如何把握微博的传播机制,发现用户的行为模式,找到有价 值的客户?如何挖掘数据价值,制定营销方案,实现营销的最佳效果?《无微不至:微博营销实战指南》从如何搭建企业微博营销平台、构建微博体系、塑造企业微 形象、选择微博营销模式,以及微博营销的技能、微博写作技巧等方面详尽地讲述微博营销的方法、技巧,具有实操性强,案例经典,拿来就能用的特点。在《无微 不至:微博营销实战指南》中,读者还会学到以下经典内容:微博营销已不是简单开个账户,发发帖子。微博传播永远是内容为王,无论是重口味,还是小清新,一 定要与草根文化血脉相通。写微博和说相声是一样的,要善于抖包袱,要在140字中写出跌宕起伏。10%的人影响了90%的人的购买行为,微博是影响他人购 买决策的一个有效工具。社交广告即将或者已经成为最主流的社会化营销解决方案。高质量的内容和互动永远是提高粉丝转发率、留住粉丝的不二法宝。中国移动、 中国电信应该如何做微博营销?《独唱团》爆单,快书包如何转危机为商机?如何打造企业官微?1000个真实的粉丝意味着什么?如何用微博编织人脉?微博内 容写作十大技巧是什么……

Wordads Review

How to make money online using WordPress

There are currently only three options for advertising on WordPress.com:

1) No Ads Option

2) The default free option

3) Wordads

(Source: http://wordads.co/faq/)

For those who have a custom WordPress.com domain, you can apply to Wordads, and Wordpress can run ads on all of your pages and you share in the income. (http://wordads.co/signup/)

Review: Wordads vs Adsense

AdSense isn’t an option on WordPress.com, so currently bloggers on WordPress.com have to use Wordads.

Some review online regarding the payment option of Wordads and Wordads earnings include:

One thing good (or bad) about Wordads is that it is impression based, clicking on ads is not required. This may be good since usually not many people click on ads. On the other hand, impression based ads tend to have lower pay rates.

Wordads Tips

Be sure to select a Wordads-friendly theme. (I am using the Coraline Theme) This enables you to select the option “Show additional ad units” which would show additional ad units on your blog. This could potentially triple your ad impressions.

Any comments about Wordads? Feel free to drop a comment below!