Finally received WordAds payout by WordPress

Thanks to all readers of, I have received WordAds payout by WordPress. first joined WordAds in 01-2014, where the payout was quite miserable (less than $1 for 5000 views). The payout has since increased considerably, thanks to higher quality adverts localized in Singapore.

The advertisements shown are quite relevant (usually tuition by top tutors/schools, travel and other deals in Singapore), so do turn off ad-blockers when visiting Thanks once again!

Rise in WordAds earnings March 2017

WordPress and WordAds have been doing a good job, I must say. In this year (2017), the earnings have increased gradually for my site (view count is approximately constant).

Certainly a great improvement from 2016, where I got a measly $0.70 for 11824 ad impressions in one month.

Keep it up, WordPress!

Wordads Review

How to make money online using WordPress

There are currently only three options for advertising on

1) No Ads Option

2) The default free option

3) Wordads


For those who have a custom domain, you can apply to Wordads, and Wordpress can run ads on all of your pages and you share in the income. (

Review: Wordads vs Adsense

AdSense isn’t an option on, so currently bloggers on have to use Wordads.

Some review online regarding the payment option of Wordads and Wordads earnings include:

One thing good (or bad) about Wordads is that it is impression based, clicking on ads is not required. This may be good since usually not many people click on ads. On the other hand, impression based ads tend to have lower pay rates.

Wordads Tips

Be sure to select a Wordads-friendly theme. (I am using the Coraline Theme) This enables you to select the option “Show additional ad units” which would show additional ad units on your blog. This could potentially triple your ad impressions.

Any comments about Wordads? Feel free to drop a comment below!