Domain Authority 31

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Mathtuition88 has reached Domain Authority 31 (Moz DA).

Thank you to all who have ever linked to!

Pinterest RSS Feed

Just testing my Pinterest RSS Feed. Set up a Pinterest account long ago but did not use it. Apparently Pinterest is useful for SEO, even more useful than Instagram which is mainly for branding. This is because Pinterest has backlinks pointing back to your original website.

Pinterest URL:

For testing, I will just upload this logo created using a free logo maker (

Mathtuition88 Logo

Connect RSS feeds to your Pinterest business account and automatically create Pins from the content on your website. When you update your RSS feed, your content will be added to your boards as Pins within 24 hours.


Update: I am facing this error, which I have no idea how to solve…

Oops! It looks like some of your connected RSS feeds are failing. Please review the errors below:

Pinterest can’t find images in your feed. Please make sure your feed has high quality images in <enclosure>, or <media:content> tags under each <item> tag.

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Domain Authority 30

Previously, Page Rank was the more appropriate ranking system for how well a page or domain ranks on Google. However, Google has since temporarily (or permanently?) discontinued Page Rank.

Hence, now the closest measure to Page Rank is Domain Authority, by the company Moz.

Currently, Mathtuition88 has Domain Authority 30. Domain Authority is on a logarithmic scale, meaning that it is harder to increase from 80 to 90 than from 30 to 40.

According to the Moz forum, the Head Data Scientist said that a formula to convert to linear scale from the logarithm scale is:

If you just want an estimate, take the log (base 10). You’ll get a value from zero to two that will be roughly linear, and then you can scale it up to whatever range you need.

To be specific, a formula to convert Moz scale to “normal non-logarithmic scale” out of 100 is:

New Score = log(DA) * 50

Using this formula, the score for Mathtuition88 is log(30)*50 = 73.9.

Actually, I am a little skeptical about the above formula and how accurate it is. For instance, I think that one should take exponential (to the correct base) instead of log again for the “non-logarithmic” scale?

For instance,

log(40)* 50 = 80.1

log(80)*50 = 95.2

log(90)*50 = 97.7

Hence, to increase from DA 30 to DA 40 corresponds to an increase in “New Score” of 6.2. To increase from DA 80 to DA 90 corresponds to an increase in “New Score” of 2.5. This does not tally with the idea of “it is harder to increase from 80 to 90 than from 30 to 40”.

Another quote from Moz:

Dr. Matt Peters, Moz’s head of Data Science:

“PA and DA are the output from a machine learning model that we then rescale to values between 1-100.  The raw output from the model is dimensionless and doesn’t have any interesting meaning.  The rescaling is linear, but the inputs to the model are rescaled logarithmically before being used in the model.  We use the natural log (base e) but the base is pretty arbitrary since one can transform from one base to another by changing coefficients, and the coefficients themselves are set in a regression.  The key point is that since the inputs have a log applied to them it is much harder to increase DA from say 70 to 80 then it is from 30 to 40.”

Based on this, another formula to convert Moz’s Domain Authority to a Non-logarithmic score could be:

New Score = [e^(DA)/e^100)] * (100)?

The problem with the above formula is that it gives very low scores close to 0.

Mathtuition88’s Domain Authority:

MOZDomain Authority30

Alexa Ranking Below 1 Million

Thanks to all readers, Mathtuition88 has reached Alexa Rank of below 1 Million!

Current Global Rank: 983,883

SG Rank: 11,701

This is the first time has broken the 1000,000 Alexa Rank barrier.

For ranking, the lower the better. For instance Google is ranked number 1, and YouTube is number 2. Facebook is ranked number 3.

Alexa Ranking: Reaching 1 million

Thanks to all readers, is reaching 1 million in global Alexa Rank. (Currently 1,093,528 global rank). Our next target will be to reach and maintain below 1 million global Alexa Rank! All our traffic is organic traffic, from search engines.

Alexa Traffic Rank is a measure of popularity of a website. The most popular website, in this case, will have a Alexa rank of 1. The second most popular,, will have a rank of 2, and so on.

Chrome users should install the free Alexa Chrome Extension, it is very good to check the traffic rank of your website. Also, when you visit your own website, it will be counted by Alexa, and your Alexa ranking will be improved. From my experience, it is quite fast, it does not slow down your internet browser at all.