Pinterest Update

Previously, I tried using the automatic Pinterest RSS Feed but to no success. I even tried posting on the forum but again it did not address the problem. (To be fair, this is probably a problem on the Pinterest side.) Hence, the conclusion is that currently the to Pinterest automatic posting does not seem to work. (It apparently works for users according to my search on Google.)

Thus, I have manually added some pictures from Mathtuition88 (including reblogged content) onto Pinterest. Feel free to share it!

Manually adding pictures onto Pinterest is quite tedious and time-consuming. I will be monitoring how much effect Pinterest has, in terms of channelling traffic.

Pinterest RSS Feed

Just testing my Pinterest RSS Feed. Set up a Pinterest account long ago but did not use it. Apparently Pinterest is useful for SEO, even more useful than Instagram which is mainly for branding. This is because Pinterest has backlinks pointing back to your original website.

Pinterest URL:

For testing, I will just upload this logo created using a free logo maker (

Mathtuition88 Logo

Connect RSS feeds to your Pinterest business account and automatically create Pins from the content on your website. When you update your RSS feed, your content will be added to your boards as Pins within 24 hours.


Update: I am facing this error, which I have no idea how to solve…

Oops! It looks like some of your connected RSS feeds are failing. Please review the errors below:

Pinterest can’t find images in your feed. Please make sure your feed has high quality images in <enclosure>, or <media:content> tags under each <item> tag.

Please check our Help Center for further details or to get help troubleshooting.