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‘O’ Level / Prelim Physics Exam Papers

  1. Maths Physics Hub
    Quite a large collection of recent (2017) Physics Exam Papers, ranging from top schools (ACS, Nan Chiau, etc.) as well as neighborhood schools (Fuhua, Zhonghua, Xinmin, etc.).
  2. Test Papers Free
    A large collection of Pure Physics as well as Combined Science (Physics) exam papers. No login is required, however the interface is a bit messy. But you should be able to find quite a few Physics Test Papers.
    A treasure trove of school papers (including Physics Pure and Combined, Express and Normal Academic (NA)). Needs login to download.

‘A’ Level / Prelim Physics Exam Papers

    This weirdly titled Google Drive (“Electric Boogaloo”) contains a mega-database of JC Prelim papers for Physics. Exam papers ranges from H1 to H3, and from the years 2008 to 2019.

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Poll Results: How many marks to get ‘A’ for H2 Math

Almost 100 people have voted on the poll on “How many marks to get ‘A’ for H2 Math“.

The results show that the majority (57.6%) of voters think it takes at least 75 marks to get ‘A’ for H2 Math. Notably, a significant percentage (27.17%) think that it takes 80 marks and above to get ‘A’ for H2 Math.

Students who have taken the H2 Math exam can actually estimate the cut-off point for ‘A’ grade quite well. Basically, the worked solutions are typically released by seniors/tutors, and students can estimate their own marks rather easily. Then, they can compare with their actual grade received.

Nevertheless, the above is just a poll, it may not be 100% accurate and it also depends on the difficulty of that year’s exam. An easier exam would naturally lead to a higher mark required for ‘A’ grade for H2 Maths.

Is there bell curve for ‘A’ levels?

This is a tricky question. The technically correct answer is that there is no bell curve, but there is a similar thing called “grade boundaries”. It is like certain schools saying that they have no Midyear Exam, but there is a “Block Test”. Read more about whether there is bell curve for ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels.

Stolen A-Level scripts: 75 of 238 affected students will re-sit Chemistry Paper 3

Sincerely wishing good luck to those retaking their exams. It is certainly not easy, especially for boys who by that time will be in National Service. Also, for a fact-intensive course like Chemistry, with each passing month it gets harder since one’s memory would not be as fresh.


SINGAPORE: Of the 238 students whose A-Level Chemistry scripts were stolen in the United Kingdom last year, 75 have opted to be re-examined for the affected paper, the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) told Channel NewsAsia on Monday (Mar 12).

The students, who received their A-Level results on Feb 23, are from Anderson JC, Anglo-Chinese JC (ACJC), Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) and Nanyang JC (NYJC). The stolen scripts were for Paper 3, which consists of free-response questions and carries a weightage of 35 per cent of the entire H2 Chemistry examination.

The final A-Level grades of the affected students were derived through a projection. But given the “unique circumstances”, the affected students were given the option to re-sit the H2 Chemistry Paper 3 in April or November, and have the better of their two grades recorded in their A-Level result slip and certificate.

Those who wished to register for the re-examination had to do so by Friday (Mar 9).

SEAB said that of the 75, there were 28 students each from AJC and ACJC, seven from HCI and 12 from NYJC.

Out of the total, 57 of the candidates registered for the re-examination in April, while 18 registered for the re-examination in November


What to do if fail A level Singapore

What to do if did not do well for A Levels

For those who did not do well for A Levels, do not be overly disheartened. Though it may seem like the end of the world, it is not, and there are other options available to you.

Firstly, check out this post by Digital Senior, where they discuss 7 alternative routes for those who did not do well for A Levels. The 7 alternative routes are: Polytechnic, SUSS (Full time/part time), Overseas universities, SIM-UOL, NTU/NUS part time degrees, SIT, and lastly retaking A levels.

Secondly, check out this post by Mothership, featuring 10 inspirational stories of Singaporeans who did not do well for A levels but persevered on to achieve success in their respective fields.

Thirdly, check out this Reddit post, where advice is given about failing A levels.

Also, do dispel the myth that failing GP will lead to zero chance of entering university. It is still possible to enter local university with failed GP, though certain courses like Law are ruled out.

If I failed my General Paper (GP) at the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level exam, can I apply for admission?

Yes, you can apply for admission. However, if you failed GP, you will not qualify for certain courses such as Law which will require a GP grade of at least ‘B3’ (for old syllabus), ‘B’ (for new syllabus) or a good pass in Knowledge & Inquiry (KI) (for new syllabus).

Applicants who do not possess the necessary English Language qualification will be required to take the Qualifying English Test (QET), if offered admission. Those who fail to fulfill the QET requirement will not be allowed to graduate – click here for details.

Source: Askadmissions NUS

Finally, just to share a quote about success and failure in general, not just A Levels:

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill

The results of the 2017 Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Level) examination will be released on Friday, 23 February 2018.

Good luck to all collecting their A Level results today!

Check out our post on BMAT Book Recommendations for NTU Medicine, and also Alternate Admission Route to NUS Computing.

1. The results of the 2017 Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Level) examination will be released on Friday, 23 February 2018. School candidates may collect their results from their respective schools from 2.30pm that day.

2. Private candidates will be notified of their results by post. The result slips will be mailed on 23 February 2018 to the postal address provided by the candidates during the registration period. Private candidates who have SingPass1accounts can also use their SingPass to obtain their results online via the internet Examination Results Release System (iERRS) on the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board’s website ( from 2.30pm on 23 February 2018.

Alternate Admission Route to NUS Computing


Good news to students who are interested to study Computer Science. There is now an alternative route for students who are short of the cut-off point (currently at least two A’s).

To win a place on the increasingly popular computer science degree course at the National University of Singapore (NUS), students need at least two As for their A levels. Next year though, students eyeing a computing degree can be admitted through another route.

They can take up a five-month-long computer programming course at NUS and if they do well, gain fast-track admission into the degree course, even though they may fall short of the required grades.