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‘O’ Level / Prelim Physics Exam Papers

  1. Maths Physics Hub
    Quite a large collection of recent (2017) Physics Exam Papers, ranging from top schools (ACS, Nan Chiau, etc.) as well as neighborhood schools (Fuhua, Zhonghua, Xinmin, etc.).
  2. Test Papers Free
    A large collection of Pure Physics as well as Combined Science (Physics) exam papers. No login is required, however the interface is a bit messy. But you should be able to find quite a few Physics Test Papers.
    A treasure trove of school papers (including Physics Pure and Combined, Express and Normal Academic (NA)). Needs login to download.

‘A’ Level / Prelim Physics Exam Papers

    This weirdly titled Google Drive (“Electric Boogaloo”) contains a mega-database of JC Prelim papers for Physics. Exam papers ranges from H1 to H3, and from the years 2008 to 2019.

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Know the Best Math Institutions around the World

This is a guest post by Maria Mcquire:

Know the Best Math Institutions around the World

There are many academic institutions in the world and rankings on certain faculties help determine the best ones in certain fields. Students who are extremely in mathematics will automatically want to enroll and join universities that are highly ranked as far as mathematics is concerned. Year by year, the rankings are released and can be accessed through the internet and various academic public publications. In addition to stellar performance, there are other factors that are considered during the rankings. This article will mention a few of the top mathematics institutions around the world.

The University of Cambridge

This is not only one of the oldest universities in the United Kingdom but also in the world. Its scholarly achievements have made it popular and famous the world over. Its high performance in mathematics and other fields is accredited to research and well trained and knowledgeable faculty tutors. External examiners and bodies such as the Quality Assurance Agency have all endorsed the performance of the university time and again. The University of Cambridge has vast studying resources such as museums, libraries and other collections. Teaching is done by lecturers who are experts and authorities in their field through seminars and lectures making this university the very top of this list.

The University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is one of the best in the world not only in mathematics but when it comes to research. Its research capabilities in all fields are rivaled only by the prestigious Harvard Universities. One thing that makes this institution great in mathematics is its system of graduate supervision and teaching strengths. The university attracts and enrolls professionals, graduates and undergraduates in the mathematical field and they are all taught by the best researchers. It has both on campus and off campus students. International students get to enjoy learning mathematics and visiting come of Canada’s most breathtaking scenic sites.

The Australian National University

This top ranked university was established back in 1946 and has risen over the years to be the top university in Australia and one of the best in the world. Mathematically speaking, the university’s teaching methods and perfectly teacher to student ratio ensure that the mathematical faculty is of international standards. Campus students do not even have to venture outside as the campus has all the social amenities needed. To make it even better, the university is well networked with some of the world’s leading academic institutions and this means that it has access to the latest information in research.

National University of Singapore

Asia is not left behind as far as mathematical prowess is concerned as the National university of Singapore puts it on the global map. One of the things that make it a top institution is its well-structured exchange programs with other universities that are mathematical giants. For this reason, the university’s best students apply for ESTA VISA in order to join other brilliant mathematical minds in other universities. The university also offers joint degree programs with other leading universities. Due to the university’s strength in research, it is affiliated with global research bodies such as International Alliance of Research Universities.

Author: Maria Mcquire


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Truly Outstanding Mathematics Student

Just to share an inspirational story about studying Mathematics, and our very own Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. 🙂


(page 8/8)

Interview of Professor Béla Bollobás, Professor and teacher of our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

I: Interviewer Y.K. Leong

B: Professor Béla Bollobás

I: I understand that you have taught our present Prime
Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

B: I certainly taught him more than anybody else in
Cambridge. I can truthfully say that he was an exceptionally
good student. I’m not sure that this is really known in
Singapore. “Because he’s now the Prime Minister,” people
may say, “oh, you would say he was good.” No, he was truly
outstanding: he was head and shoulders above the rest of
the students. He was not only the first, but the gap between
him and the man who came second was huge.

I: I believe he did double honors in mathematics and computer science.

B: I think that he did computer science (after mathematics) mostly because his father didn’t want him to stay in pure mathematics. Loong was not only hardworking, conscientious and professional, but he was also very inventive. All the signs indicated that he would have been a world-class research mathematician. I’m sure his father never realized how exceptional Loong was. He thought Loong was very good. No, Loong was much better than that. When I tried to tell Lee Kuan Yew, “Look, your son is phenomenally good: you should encourage him to do mathematics,” then he implied that that was impossible, since as a top-flight professional mathematician Loong would leave Singapore for Princeton, Harvard or Cambridge, and that would send the wrong signal to the people in Singapore. And I have to agree that this was a very good point indeed. Now I am even more impressed by Lee Hsien Loong than I was all those years ago, and I am very proud that I taught him; he seems to be doing very well. I have come round to thinking that it was indeed good for him to go into politics; he can certainly make an awful lot of difference.