Stolen A-Level scripts: 75 of 238 affected students will re-sit Chemistry Paper 3

Sincerely wishing good luck to those retaking their exams. It is certainly not easy, especially for boys who by that time will be in National Service. Also, for a fact-intensive course like Chemistry, with each passing month it gets harder since one’s memory would not be as fresh.


SINGAPORE: Of the 238 students whose A-Level Chemistry scripts were stolen in the United Kingdom last year, 75 have opted to be re-examined for the affected paper, the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) told Channel NewsAsia on Monday (Mar 12).

The students, who received their A-Level results on Feb 23, are from Anderson JC, Anglo-Chinese JC (ACJC), Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) and Nanyang JC (NYJC). The stolen scripts were for Paper 3, which consists of free-response questions and carries a weightage of 35 per cent of the entire H2 Chemistry examination.

The final A-Level grades of the affected students were derived through a projection. But given the “unique circumstances”, the affected students were given the option to re-sit the H2 Chemistry Paper 3 in April or November, and have the better of their two grades recorded in their A-Level result slip and certificate.

Those who wished to register for the re-examination had to do so by Friday (Mar 9).

SEAB said that of the 75, there were 28 students each from AJC and ACJC, seven from HCI and 12 from NYJC.

Out of the total, 57 of the candidates registered for the re-examination in April, while 18 registered for the re-examination in November



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