Mi Home Error: “Failed to complete action. Check your network connection.”

Recently there is a persistent error on the Mi Home (Xiaomi Home) app: “Failed to complete action. Check your network connection.

Mi Home app is the interface for connecting to Xiaomi devices such as Xiaomi Webcam, etc.

Currently, there seems to be no solution online regarding this error “Failed to complete action. Check your network connection.

I suspect it is due to locale issues. Mi Home is mainly based in China, the support for other countries seems to be not as good. The recent updates may have broken the network support for countries outside China.

Previously, in 2020 and early 2021, the Mi Home App was working ok for me.

If you have any solutions to this Mi Home error message, please comment down below!

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9 thoughts on “Mi Home Error: “Failed to complete action. Check your network connection.””

  1. Ah that is disappointing, we’ve just got all of ours out for the Christmas lights and the app is basically unusable due to the error. Let’s hope there is an update to correct it!

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  2. Follow up to my previous comment, it appears completely deleting/removing the app and pulling it down from the store again (and resetting it up/signing in) fixes the issue!

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    1. Just deleting and reinstalling app didn’t work for me.
      What did work:
      1) Turn off gateway power at wall
      2) Delete App
      3) Restart phone
      4) Install App
      5) Open App (it seemed to remember my settings and I could see all my saved devices but offline. I was no longer getting annoying connection popup 🙂 )
      6) Turn on Gateway at wall
      7) Wait and slowly devices appear online.

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  3. Im still having these problems. I have IOS app not working for 3 months. My devices are on singapore server. I still have this problem even uninstalling everything the error continues. Plz someone helpme!!!!


  4. Same here :(. The error pops up every few seconds in the app and can’t seem to do anything.. there’s no work around or anything? VPN? Other app?

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      1. I had this issue for a while now too where it just brings up the error of “check connection” every couple of seconds. The main wifi I use is my 5Ghz one. So when I connected to my routers 2.4Ghz wifi signal it instantly sorted out the problem and can now connect and see my vacuum.

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