Xiaomi camera cannot connect to mobile network [Solved]

Xiaomi camera cannot connect to 4G outside

A very common problem for Xiaomi home surveillance cameras is that it can connect to the home WiFi, but once outside, the user cannot connect.

Basically, a typical scenario is that a user cannot view his camera through mobile data ( It gets stuck at connecting 5%, 10% or even 25%).

Why am I not able to connect to the Xiaomi camera when I’m outside? (Solved!)

Recently I faced the same problem, which was quite annoying. The main purpose of a home surveillance camera is to view the camera when outside, there is no point in connecting only when I am at home!

The solution can be summarized in the following steps:

  1. Unpair the camera from the Mi Home App
  2. Uninstall the Mi Home App
  3. Reinstall the Mi Home App
  4. Select server location to be Mainland China.
  5. Pair the camera (manually or through Bluetooth) in the Mi Home App.

And it works! Note that there may still be a 5 to 10 second time lag in connecting the camera through 3G, or 4G cellular data networks outside.

And this solves the problem of “Xiaomi camera cannot connect outside local WiFi network”.

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Cheap alternative to Dyson Vacuum (Xiaomi DREAME V9 Pro)

Though Singapore is a relatively rich country, many people still find Dyson Vacuum Cleaners unaffordable since it is well over a thousand dollars.

Fortunately, there is a cheap and good alternative to Dyson Vacuum Cleaners (with many positive reviews): Xiaomi DREAME V9 Pro. (Some people actually claim that it is more powerful than Dyson vacuums! See the video at the end of this post.)

For example, an actual review by a Singaporean states:

My friend got it for her 3-room flat and she said this vacuum cleaner not bad. She gave me the courage to purchase it as I have been considering for a long time. After I received it, a test-out session became vacuum the whole house (it still has 1 bar battery when it arrived). The maneuvering is smooth, which let me vacuum the whole 4-rm flat effortlessly. I am a lady, so it should be fine for most people. Thumbs up!

Source: https://qoo.tn/BaT8BW/Q100000595

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It is almost compulsory for every household in Singapore to have a vacuum cleaner, since our hot and humid climate makes dust mites grow and reproduce very fast if we don’t vacuum away the dust. In addition, many young children tend to have some form of childhood asthma in Singapore.

Do read all the reviews of the Xiaomi cordless vacuum cleaner before making your decision!

For international buyers, you may find the Xiaomi Dreame V9 on Amazon as well:

Dreame V9 Pro Cordless Vacuum Hyper Clean Cordless Cleaner, Super for All Carpet and Hardwood Floor Stick Vacuum with Powerful Digital Motor, Handheld with Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Below is the YouTube reviewer who claims that the Xiaomi Dreame V9 is more powerful than Dyson in terms of suction:

Recommended Air Purifier for Haze

Recently the Haze in Singapore is getting worse. One can literally smell the burning smell in the air.

A recommended cheap and good air purifier for home usage is the Xiaomi Air purifier. Xiaomi is well-known for producing high-tech goods at affordable prices. For instance, their weighing scale and fitness band (Mi Band) is top-notch for their price range.

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