Chen Jingrun–Do You Really Know About the Giant (1)

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This time, let’s talk about math; exactly speaking, a mathematician.

My favorite things in this world are math and physics. Today, I cannot wait to share with you some stories of Chen Jingrun, considered by many to be one of the greatest Chinese mathematicians.


What makes me a little outraged is that most people, including many Chinese people, who have heard of his name, think of him as a nerd who knows nothing except math. Why do people think like that? I have been wondering about this and learning about his stories, and I still cannot discover the cause. Perhaps because of the distortion of some of his stories during the Cultural Revolution? Probably most people cannot understand why a person can be so passionate, enduring, persistent, patient, frugal, and kind. Probably they cannot understand what motivated him to dedicate his whole lifetime to only one conundrum-The Goldbach Conjecture, one…

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