Where to park your car, according to math

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This “Simple Car Parking” is the Decision Making Strategy demonstrated in our daily life, even in the micro-cell biological level in nature.

In the current USA-China Trade War, China Xi is taking the Prudent (中庸) approach of a partial 80% deal, while Trump is too Optimistic (or gung-ho) , insisting to accept either a “Full 100%” deal or None. Math tells you the smartest man’s approach is China Xi “Prudent” strategy.

Opportunity Score:

Meek : 1/5 score = ‘Kiasu’ (怕输 )

Prudent : 3/5 score = (中庸 )

Optimist : 5/5 or 0/5 score = (Gung-Ho)

Differential Equation:


In 三国演义 Three Kingdoms, the smartest military strategist Zhuge Liang (诸葛亮) was attacking the biggest northern enemy Wei (魏). He chose the Prudent (‘P’) route longer distance but less ambushes, rejected his General 魏延 ‘s Optimistic (‘O ‘) approach of taking the risky “子午谷” mountainous but shortest route.

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