Chen Jingrun–Do You Really Know About the Giant? (2)

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“Each work of Mr. Chen Jingrun seems as if it is scaling the tallest mountains of the Himalayas. It is perilous [work], but if successful, will certainly affect the world.” (André Weil, Wolf Prize in Mathematics Laureate, 1979)

It is said that numerous ambitious youths have been inspired, spurred by Chen’s virtues and respectable spirits. Somebody said that to some extent, besides proving the “1+2” case of the Goldbach Conjecture, another contribution Dr. Chen made to mankind is that his stories invigorated countless young people striving for their futures and pushed a whole generation of mathematicians and scientists forward.


Dr. Chen was born into a poor family, into an era when warfare has turned China into Les Miserables. His mother did not have breast milk and borrowed rice soup from their neighbors to feed the young Chen Jingrun so that he would not starve to death. He had to shoulder…

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