$1 Dunkin’ Donut Promotion (2 Donuts + 1 Coffee for just 1 dollar)

There is a little known and unbelievably worth it Dunkin’ Donut $1 promotion for 2 donuts and 1 cold brew coffee/ice coffee.

The terms and conditions:

  • You need to be a new Fave user. (This has to be your 1st purchase on Fave)
  • Download the Fave app
  • Search for Dunkin’ Donut promotion (It is displayed as $4.90 for 2 donuts + 1 cold drink)
  • Important: Enter the Promo Code STORMSCAPE when making payment
  • Check that the price drops to $1!

Tip: To be very sure, you may want to ask the staff whether the promotion is still on before making purchase. Technically, it should be until 2 June 2019.

Original Chinese Post:

只要下载Fave app,新用户可以用1新币的价格获得2个甜甜圈+一杯饮料!只需要在结账的时候输入STORMSCAPE,并出示给店员,就可以享受这个劲爆的优惠了~




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