5 Awesome Career Paths for Mathematics Lovers

5 Awesome Career Paths for Mathematics Lovers

By Sarah Quek

Unbeknownst to most, a career in mathematics goes beyond education.

Mathematics might be one of the toughest subjects at any education level. But a solid understanding of key concepts and mathematical ideas could help your career take flight and expose you to a myriad of industries.

The demand for mathematics experts has boomed in various industries in Singapore. If you have always loved numbers, read on to find out where mathematics can take you!

1. Mathematics and Consultancy.

Consultancy is a diverse sphere in itself. The popularly known and most preferred consulting career lies in the business consultancy. However, there are some other aspects of consultancy that a mathematic-proficient student can venture in.

These include; hospital consultancy, marital consultancy, management of risks consultancy and more. These types of consultancies require extensive knowledge and use of arithmetic in their daily work. The employees apply algebra, use of graphs, tables and excel to analyze data garnered from markets or presented by clients. Some financial management works require mathematical theories whose roots are deeply rooted in calculus, probability and trigonometry. Generally, analytical skill forms every part of consulting. Mathematics defines which analytical skill to use at a specific time and for a specific purpose.

2. Mathematics and Insurance.

Mathematics forms the foundation of any insurance job. An employee is required to manipulate data from different market niches and clients using different mathematical formulas, draw graphs and tables and ensure proper storage of data. Probability is also useful especially in the areas of risk management.

3. Mathematics and Engineering.

This should come as no surprise, but mathematics is a must-have skill in the engineering industry. A deep understanding of probability and 3D mathematics is necessary especially when it comes to engineering design.

To a student who would wish to know how to build a bridge across 10 km lake, stop a skyscraper from falling and power 400-ton aircraft to fly, graduating in a class of applied mathematics is a necessity.

4. Mathematics and digital marketing.

Numbers are applied in every stage of this dynamic career. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools and search engines employ different units of variables to find averages, sums, densities and more to rank websites and other digital marketing tools as per the data they harbour. Filtering, segmentations, mail structures and designs are products of various mathematical concepts.

5. Information Technology.

The last in the list is a career in information technology. A number of mathematical principles and formulas are used in gathering, analysis, presentation and analysis of data. These include but are not limited to statistics, algorithm, and probability.

The list contains only a handful of career options that one can venture in. Don’t hesitate if you are a lover of math. Dip your shoes in the vast ocean, the world is your oyster!

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Sarah is a digital marketing content producer at First Page Digital. She specializes in SEO, social media marketing as well as content marketing. Find out more about a career in digital marketing by clicking here.


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