LaTeX Table Style Guidelines

Drawing LaTeX tables is well known to be quite troublesome. Fortunately, there are some excellent tools online to generate LaTeX code for tables, e.g. Convert Excel to LaTeX.

Even after that, there are some stylistic dilemmas, for instance how many borders to include in the table?

I found this powerpoint slide that summarizes very nicely what to do (and what not to do) to create a nice LaTeX table. Source:

Most Important Guidelines for Making Tables with LaTeX

  • Avoid vertical lines
  • Avoid “boxing up” cells, usually 3 horizontal lines are enough: above, below, and after heading (see examples in the guide above)
  • Avoid double horizontal lines
  • Enough space between rows
  • If in doubt, align left

The above 5 guidelines were invaluable and cleared up my doubts on how to make a nice table using LaTeX.