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Video on Simplices and Simplicial Complexes

Professor Wildberger is extremely kind to upload his videos which would be very useful to any Math student studying Topology. Simplices / Simplicial Complexes are usually the first chapter in a Algebraic Topology book. Check out also Professor Wildberger’s book … Continue reading

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Pick’s Theorem Proof (Video)

This is an excellent video I found on Youtube by Professor Wildberger on the proof of Pick’s Theorem. It is easy enough for a high school student to understand! Pick’s Theorem is a formula which gives the area of a … Continue reading

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AlgTop1: One-dimensional objects

This is a continuation of the series of Algebraic Topology videos. Previous post was AlgTop 0. Professor Wildberger is an interesting speaker. He holds some unorthodox views, for instance he doesn’t believe in “real numbers” or “infinite sets”. Nevertheless, his … Continue reading

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