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Free Trial: Amazon Prime

Dear Readers, Thanks for following our Maths Blog. We are glad to introduce to you a Free Trial of Amazon Prime worth $99!   Random Math Fact: Did you know: Euler’s “lucky” numbers are positive integers n such that m2 − m + n is a prime number for m = 0, …, n − 1. Leonhard … Continue reading

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Math Teachers at Play (MTaP) Blog Carnival: Top Math Blog Posts!

This is the 73rd Edition of the Math Teachers at Play (MTaP) blog carnival! Some interesting facts about 73 from Wikipedia!: Seventy-three is the 21st prime number. The previous is seventy-one, with which it comprises the 8th twin prime. It … Continue reading

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Geometry and Abraham Lincoln; O Level Maths Tuition Group

Source: http://www.mathopenref.com/euclid.html At age forty, Abraham Lincoln studied Euclid for training in reasoning, and as a traveling lawyer on horseback, kept a copy of Euclid’s Elements in his saddlebag.  In his biography of Lincoln, his law partner Billy Herndon tells … Continue reading

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