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The Useless Number

In this exciting video, the “Useless Number” refers to complex numbers, which were first thought to be useless when first discovered. However, nowadays everyone knows that complex numbers are very useful in engineering, physics and science! Also, check out these … Continue reading

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What is i^i ?

What is i to the power of i? When you first learnt that , you have entered the mysterious world of complex numbers. A mystifying question would be to ask, what is i to the power of i? Is it … Continue reading

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H2 Maths Tuition: Complex Numbers Notes

H2 Maths: Complex Numbers 1 Page Notes Modulus Argument Cartesian Form Draw diagram first, then find the appropriate quadrant and use (can use GC to double check) Polar Form Exponential Form ☺ When question involvespowers, multiplication or division, it may … Continue reading

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