Wordads Review

How to make money online using WordPress

There are currently only three options for advertising on WordPress.com:

1) No Ads Option

2) The default free option

3) Wordads

(Source: http://wordads.co/faq/)

For those who have a custom WordPress.com domain, you can apply to Wordads, and Wordpress can run ads on all of your pages and you share in the income. (http://wordads.co/signup/)

Review: Wordads vs Adsense

AdSense isn’t an option on WordPress.com, so currently bloggers on WordPress.com have to use Wordads.

Some review online regarding the payment option of Wordads and Wordads earnings include:

One thing good (or bad) about Wordads is that it is impression based, clicking on ads is not required. This may be good since usually not many people click on ads. On the other hand, impression based ads tend to have lower pay rates.

Wordads Tips

Be sure to select a Wordads-friendly theme. (I am using the Coraline Theme) This enables you to select the option “Show additional ad units” which would show additional ad units on your blog. This could potentially triple your ad impressions.

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