Betta Tank 2 Gallon (female betta)

New fish! A female betta from the store.

I put it in my 2 gallon planted tank, with Java Ferns and Anubias. I chose female betta as I wanted a short fin betta, and there were no “Plakat” male bettas available. The colors of a female betta are more pale and muted compared to male bettas.

The name of the female betta: Charlotte.

In the store, there was a pair of wild bettas (Betta Mahachai) which were very beautiful. However, they were quite expensive so I did not buy them in the end.

Female wild betta (Betta Mahachai) at the store.
Male wild betta (Betta Mahachai) at the store.

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8 thoughts on “Betta Tank 2 Gallon (female betta)”

      1. You’re welcome! Female betta is pretty mellow but some guppies have disappeared from our tank. I don’t know if it was her, but she’s the only large on in the tank. hmmmm. If it’s a community tank, make sure your betta is fed. 🙂

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      2. The lady at the shop told me you could keep 2 female bettas together. There may be some relationship tension in the beginning as they are figuring each other out. They’ll keep their distance.
        Good luck with your betta!

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      3. Thanks! My tank is on the small side so I’ll keep just one at the moment. I had a tough time treating fin rot for my previous betta, hence decided I will only keep short fin variety or female betta in the future.


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