WordAds Appeal Successful

Recently, I managed to appeal successfully for WordAds to be run on my other site https://chinesetuition88.com/. Previously, it was rejected a few years ago in 2016 due to insufficient traffic.

The appeal process is quite simple: simply log in to https://wordads.co/ and click on “Please contact us if you would like an update on your application.” below your previously failed application.

For the appeal to be successful, I think that there needs to be at least a significant upwards trend in your traffic. Personally, I had a 500% increase in traffic over 3 years.

If your appeal is successful, a mail will be sent (for me it was within the same day):

Happy to help you. I’ve checked your site stats and it seems that you were on track to be approved next week, so I just put that through for you today instead. You can now finish setting up WordAds via https://wordpress.com/earn/ads-settings/ or the new “WordAds” section under your blog at https://wordpress.com/

I hope that helped. Come back if you have questions. We are happy to help you anytime 🙂

Good luck for anyone trying to apply for WordAds!


Author: mathtuition88

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