Being Good At Maths Can Help Your Kids Start Their Own Business

Every child is unique; every human with an entirely different set of fingerprints. Whether your child has the potential to be an engineer or a boss of their own, one thing remains inextricably part of life – math.

Take it from me, a 22-year-old business owner who used to flunk math. Your kids will hate maths until they start to see that they can actually do and get better at it. From F9 in A Maths, I studied hard and studied right to achieve A2. Your kids can do it with the right guidance and the right motivation.

And I’m not referring to scoring better than your neighbours or nephews and nieces. Your kids don’t care about that – and you shouldn’t too. Focus on the important things.

What are they? In this article, I’ll be sharing with you, parents, what will motivate your kids to want to be good at maths that are not grades.

Help Your Kids Be Their Own Boss

Many kids have entrepreneurial blood and a knack for sales. Look at how well they persuade you to get what they want. Remember the times where they came up with the most ingenious of ideas – you were surprised; thought it could even become a business.

If your kids have a tendency to solve problems in the most creative ways possible and have a sense of leadership, you should get excited. They might be the next CEO of Amazon!

Math is crucial in starting and running a business. Whether it is running an eCommerce store (which is very profitable in 2019 and beyond) using platforms like or selling their artistic services online, math is a must.

Kids are motivated by things other than grades

You might think that this isn’t exciting for your kids.

Maybe they never thought it would be possible… Maybe all they knew was just the linear way of life…

What if they were interested in starting their own mini business? What if they got excited to be good at maths, motivated by the fact that they could apply to real life?

Now that I’ve sparked something in you, you might be thinking ‘Why does running a business need math?’

Being Good At Maths Can Help Your Kids Start Their Own Business

Reason #1: Doing their taxes

I wish my parents taught me how to do my taxes and to avoid ‘savings plans’ by a certain insurance company. These are the important things that will matter to your kids when they are adults – something that is missing in schools and not taught by most parents.

Being good at math will ensure that they don’t get lost in all the numbers, percentages, appreciation, depreciation, interest, and more. With a good foothold in working with numbers, your kids will not hate doing their taxes and avoid any penalties that come with incorrect tax payment or filing.

Reason #2: Ensure they are always profiting

Starting their own business means they have no one to tell them how much they need to charge to have a good amount of profit. No teacher to tell them that they are spending way too much on unnecessary things and blowing out their expenditure. They have no tutor to guide them saying ‘to meet your financial goals and achieve sustainability in Singapore, you need to get $XXX a year.’

Running a business well demands good math skills to calculate and plan the finances.

Now, your kids have a teacher, they have you and a math tutor. Bring math in real-life situations and you’ll start to see an increase of drive in their eyes.


Perhaps it’s time to unveil the a little bit more about reality to them. It could get them thrilled to head on to ace that math paper!

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