IMO 2015 USA beat China after 20 Years

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The result is not surprising to China but to USA:
♢Recently China government bans IMO training in schools.
♢Obama was surprised that the USA IMO team consists of predominantly Chinese American students.

IMO Math is like ‘Acrobatics’ to real ‘Kung-fu’, it is not real Math education, but special ‘cute’ techniques to solve tough ‘known’ solution problems. Real Math is long R&D solving problems with UNKNOWN solution (eg. Fermat’s Last Theorem, Riemann Conjecture,…)

2 types of Math: Algorithmic or Deductive (演绎). Chinese long traditional ‘abacus’ mindset, procedural computational Math is Algorithmic, applied to special cases (eg. astronomy, calendar, agriculture, architecture, commerce,…). European Greek’s Euclid deductive, step-by-step axiom-based proofing, is theoretical, generalized in all cases (Geometry, Abstract Algebra,…)

Look at the Fields Medal (aka ‘Nobel Prize’ of Math) super-power – France – which has produced 1/3 of the Fields Medalists, but performing so-so in IMO. In contrast, China has ZERO Fields…

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