5 Tips on How to improve for Maths (Primary, O Level, A Level)

5 Tips on How to improve for Maths (Primary, O Level, A Level)

  1. Firstly, make sure that you do sufficient practice, especially for past year papers. Sometimes, students may think that they fully understood a topic, but there may be some gaps in their knowledge, which would be overcome by sufficient practice. Check out our site on Free Exam Papers.
  2. Improve accuracy and reduce careless mistakes. Some tips to reduce careless mistakes are double-checking, and write neatly to reduce transfer or reading error. Also, check out our article on reducing careless mistakes.
  3. Ensure adequate understanding. Ensure that each step of the question is being understood, and not relying on “guessing” or pure luck. This will enable the student to solve all similar questions of the same type. Having a good tutor, a study group of friends, or a parent knowledgeable in mathematics helps a lot.
  4. Have a positive attitude about Maths. 🙂 Liking Maths helps a lot in doing well for Maths. Treat Maths like a game or puzzle to be solved, and not as a chore. Congratulate yourself after solving a question correctly, no matter how easy or basic it is. Soon, you will be able to experience the joy of Mathematics.
  5. Finally, try to have a healthy lifestyle. Reduce harmful activities like too much computer games, as these can cause addiction and affect dopamine receptors in the brain, which hamper learning. Exercise and listening to music are good activities for soothing and relaxing the brain.

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