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Read the review of MOOC challenges:

The best MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) model will be free of exams / tests, only assignments / projects, forum discussions. 

The 2 current MOOC  – Coursera and Udacity –  are changing the ‘bottle’ (campus-based to online virtual campus),  but not the ‘wine’ (same old teaching methodology through quizzes, tests, exams, which are hated by students who are mostly working adults). 

A better example will be the Khan Academy by a MIT graduate Salman Khan teaching school kids in Math and Sciences. Bill Gates and Google founder sponsored him > $6 million. His successful model is “free +no exams“.

The Chinese sage Laozi 老子 said 3,000 years ago “Wu Wei(无为: Do something with no specific purpose) is actually “You Wei”(有为: With potential great achievement). Attending MOOC with no paper-chasing (and money making)…

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