Maths Challenge

Hi, do feel free to try out our Maths Challenge (Secondary 4 / age 16 difficulty):

maths challenge

Source: Anderson E Maths Prelim 2011

If you have solved the problem, please email your solution to .

(Include your name and school if you wish to be listed in the hall of fame below.)

Students who answer correctly (with workings) will be listed in the hall of fame. 🙂

Hall of Fame (Correct Solutions):

1) Ex Moe Sec Sch Maths teacher Mr Paul Siew

2) Queenstown Secondary School, Maths teacher Mr Desmond Tay

3) Tay Yong Qiang (Waiting to enter University)

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5 Responses to Maths Challenge

  1. Paul Siew says:

    Solved by two MOE Maths teachers
    Mr Desmond Tay
    And Mr Paul Siew

    Solution sent to you.
    Thanks! Any prize? Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Congratulations for solving! No prize, unfortunately lol. But I added your names to the “Hall of Fame”. You may want to challenge your students to solve this, most likely 90% of Secondary 4 students will not be able to solve it.


  2. Yong Qiang says:

    Any more of such math challenge?

    Liked by 1 person

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