Number Theory Math Olympiad Question and Answer



Check out June’s Math Olympiad Number Theory Problem (from Bilkent University):

Find all triples of positive integers (a, b, c) satisfying (a^3+ b)(b^3 + a) = 2^c.

Give it a try, and then click on the solution to check your answer!

Featured book:

104 Number Theory Problems: From the Training of the USA IMO Team

This challenging problem book by renowned US Olympiad coaches, mathematics teachers, and researchers develops a multitude of problem-solving skills needed to excel in mathematical contests and in mathematical research in number theory. Offering inspiration and intellectual delight, the problems throughout the book encourage students to express their ideas in writing to explain how they conceive problems, what conjectures they make, and what conclusions they reach. Applying specific techniques and strategies, readers will acquire a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts and ideas of number theory.




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