ICM2014 — opening ceremony

First Female Mathematician to get Fields’ Medal: Maryam Mirzakhani!


Featured book:

Modern Mathematics in the Light of the Fields Medals

This small book demonstrates the evolution of certain areas of modern mathematics by examining the work of past winners of the Fields Medal, the “Nobel Prize” of mathematics. Foreword by Freeman Dyson.

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I’d forgotten just how full the first day of an ICM is. First, you need to turn up early for the opening ceremony, so you end up sitting around for an hour and half or so before it even starts. Then there’s the ceremony itself, which lasts a couple of hours. Then in the afternoon you have talks about the four Fields Medallists and the Nevanlinna Prize winner, with virtually no breaks. Then after a massive ten minutes, the Nevanlinna Prize winner talks about his (in this case) own work, about which you have just heard, but in a bit more detail. That took us to 5:45pm. And just to round things off, Jim Simons is giving a public lecture at 8pm, which I suppose I could skip but I think I’m not going to. (The result is that most of this post will be written after it, but right…

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