Exams are over! Book disproves evolution using Math!

Finally, after an arduous year, the exams are over (in Singapore). 🙂

It is now time for a period of rest and relaxation, to get ready for 2015, where everything starts again.

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Recently, I chanced upon this book:

The Organized Universe: Exclusive Scientific Proof That Darwinism Is a Fraud

What strikes me is that the author is using a Mathematical Law (Benford’s Law) to prove that Darwinism is a fraud. It is pretty unique since other books usually rely on proofs based on physics, biology or chemistry.

The Theory of Darwinian Evolution is a Fraud! Finally, a long awaited secret of the Universe. For the first time, Man has scientific proof showing a pattern to all life. Can this be possible? In this ground breaking first book, veteran researcher and inventor/scientist Karl Dahlstrom and co-author C. Phillip Clegg have written an exceptionally readable, mind expanding and almost equation free account of how an accidental discovery of an obscure mathematical theorem came to overturn an established scientific paradigm. The best theories of the universe are beautiful, simple and profound just as Einstein’s famous formula, E=MC2. This book is elegant in its simplicity and yet complex in its scope of re-defining an ordered universe. This book zeros in on a 150 year old controversy of Darwinian Evolution and tears it apart with laser like precision such that the very core of that ‘theory’ is – to borrow a phrase from Descartes – “rent asunder”. There is nothing new under the sun. Since the Big Bang, an organizing principle of matter, embedded in the natural laws of physics, and eventually life itself, has manifested itself in a precise pattern such that it is found in literally everything – from the composition of meteorites to seawater, soil, and gasses here on earth as well as in tabulated data on everything from stock prices to river lengths. This discovery, called Benford’s Law, simply states that in any tabulated data set of natural numbers, the frequency of occurrence of the digits 1 through 9, as the first significant digit, will conform to a set pattern: 1 will occur 30.x% of the time; “2” will occur 17.x%, etc. with the frequency of each succeeding number being less than the preceding number. What does this scientific law of nature have to do with Darwin’s Evolution Theory?

I have read the preview on Amazon and it seems pretty interesting. 🙂

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