Talent Map Asia – Talent Mapping & Recruiter Training Agency

Talent Map Asia is a niche Singapore-based recruitment firm. Alongside recruitment, we provide talent mapping of business leaders and delegated training for consulting businesses. We strive to ensure that our objectives are reasonable for companies and job seekers.

Mr. Chester Yee founded Talent Map Asia in 2018. Previously, he has held positions as an in-house Regional Talent Acquisition Recruiter with a few multinational conglomerates, including Royal Bank of Scotland, Dell, and Mastercard & Co, Ltd.

He has excellent knowledge of regional lateral volume recruitment, regional succession planning, talent branding, and talent acquisition that the U.S. leads. In the world’s Southeast Asia and North Asia (SAPJ) regions, he’s focused on looking for top talent.

Talent Map Asia connects your business with the seasoned people you need for middle to upper-management roles. Our experts have revealed a knack for identifying executives who are skilled in their field and make excellent leaders. We make it easier to identify such high-quality talent.

Services Providing by Talent Map Asia 

Talent Map Asia is based in Singapore and focuses on recruitment, talent mapping, and recruiting training. Southeast Asian and Chinese businesses turn to us to help them navigate critical talent challenges. We conceive and execute talent programs, coaching companies to find and integrate the right talent.

Talent Mapping Service

Hiring professionals in the service sector is not enough to guarantee success. You need to determine your goals and objectives and plan with future skills to discover what to look for in potential talent acquisition. We can assist you with a talent mapping service, so you can find people previously capable of achieving your aims.


We give our utmost attention to the selection of clients when selecting candidates for positions to ensure that they can find a well-suited job to meet their objectives. Moreover, we carefully consult with each candidate to understand their goals and decide upon a position that suits them.

Recruiter Training

Let us work with our business to develop an effective and reliable recruitment system. We offer recruitment training to our users to help them come up with a team of professionals that are recruiters.


Talent Map Asia is a highly specialized and experienced Talent Mapping and Recruiter Training Agency that provides valuable services to businesses in Asia. Their Talent Mapping Service offers businesses a unique opportunity to identify and assess the talent landscape in their region, which can help them identify and attract the best candidates. Through their Recruitment Recruiter Training, Talent Map Asia helps aspiring recruiters develop the skills to find suitable candidates and fill open positions.


There are two kinds of talented students.

Just read this interesting article. Will the new PSLE system reward students of the first kind or second kind? From my experience as student and tutor, Singapore has many talented students of the first kind, but very few talented students of the second kind.

To be a student of the second kind, one needs to “acquire knowledge beyond the school curriculum”, and “read and look at more advanced material”. Check out this page on Math Olympiad books that are suitable for students of the second kind. Parents should encourage, but never force, children to read more of these kinds of books.

What are the Two Kinds of Talented Students

Source: http://www.math.rutgers.edu/~zeilberg/Opinion0.html

There are two kinds of talented students. One kind is that of “obedient students” that do exactly as ordered by their teachers, and do not attempt to acquire knowledge beyond the school curriculum; learning the material is relatively easy for them, and the pressure from the society, their parents, and their teachers, that tells them that study is the only way to acquire a solid socio-economic status is their only motivation. To that group of students also belong less talented students, that have to study much harder, but the “reward” that awaits them in the future, as well as the immediate rewards promised by the parents (“if you will not fail any subject, you would go to an overseas vacation this summer” etc.) prods them to study.

There is yet another kind of talented students, whose natural curiosity lead them, already from a young age, to read and look at more advanced material, in order to satisfy their natural curiosity.

When such a student enters high school (and in fact, already in the higher grades of elementary school) he sees that the material that he has already studied on his own presented in a different way. The learning is induced through severe disciple (all the system of examinations and grades), and the material is taught the same way as in animal training. The fascinating science of Chemistry turns into a boring list of dry formulas, that he has to learn by heart, and the threats and the incentives practiced in school badly offend him. As though out of spite, he does not listen to the commands of his teachers, but instead studies on his own material that is not included in the curriculum. Obviously, even the most talented student can not learn from just sitting in class, (and even during class he often studies other material), and so starts the “tragedy” described in your article.